No-one stays on top forever: Samsung now King of mobile


I have often said that no-one stays on top – or even hangs around – forever. A cursory study of human history makes that clear.

Where is the once-reknowned Egyptian empire today? A handful of pyramids that tourists visit.

Where are the Greek and Roman empires today? We only remember them when movies like “Thor” or “Wrath of the Titans” are released.

Not too long ago, the sun never set on the British empire. What is left of it is the tiny island of the mainland of Europe – and a couple of even tinier islands scattered here and there.

Remember the Soviet Union? Oh; you were in primary school then? Well, put together present-day Russia, Ukraine, Uzbek, Kazakh, Byelorussia, Azerbaija, Georgia, and 8 other existing countries in Asia today, and that whole aggregate used to be the soviet Union. Its why the KGB (their secret police) is now called the “KG-Used-to-B.”

Nokia Ruled Mobile for 14 Years

Nokia ruled the mobile space for 14 years. Well, Samsung is reported to have shipped 93.5 million phones last quarter, against Nokia’s 82.7 million.

Pronto! Samsung becomes king of the mobile space.

Smartphones: from Nokia to Apple, and now to Samsung

Nokia also used to rule the smartphone world unchallenged for a period of about ten (10) years. Then Apple snapped it out of their hands recently but learnt that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

Samsung’s smartphones shipments for last quarter also reveals that they have taken the number one spot out of the hands of Apple. It was clear that the Apple model could not keep the number one slot for long. Samsung shipped 44.5 million smartphones, leaving Apple’s 35.1 million in the dust.

All hail the new undisputed Champ

Like Nokia was once the undisputed champ, Samsung has made it clear that they mean business. Samsung has been aggressively chasing Nokia for years. Sadly, Nokia’s recent (mis)handling of Symbian helped make Sammy’s dreams come true faster than anticipated.

Whether it was sooner or later, it didn’t matter: no-one stays on top forever. All hail the new champ. All hail Samsung. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

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