No surprise, Android takes the tablet market too


According to IDC, Android now powers 56.5% of all tablets, iOS powers 39.6% and Windows 1.8%. There you go. The droid wins, like I said it would. From this point on, the dominance of iOS in any area of mobile is effectively over. Apple has had their 5 minutes of fame and can go back to being the niche brand that everyone knows they have always been. No-one, regardless of how powerful, can remain locked up and face off everyone else successfully for any significant period of time. History tells us that when anyone undertakes such campaigns, should there be any initial success, they are short lived.

iOS is a closed system in more than one way. Here you have an OS that is pushed by only one manufacturer against the rest of the mobile world. iOS led the tablet market because it had the first mover advantage. First mover in terms of a revolutionary new approach to tablets, not because it was the first tablet-powered OS.

The high-priced nature of Apple’s products has always meant that there was no hope of them commanding the market for long. A few days ago, someone still said to me not to under-estimate Apple’s ability to do it. I laughed to myself and went away. Anyone who understands market forces and economics knows that the numbers are at the base of the pyramid. Never at the top.

Also note that the US market is no longer as powerful as it used to be in mobile. It is now a mostly saturated market. Trends are being determined elsewhere – in places like China, India, Brazil and our own Nigeria here. That spells trouble for Apple, who have been very US-centric, depending on subsidies and network relationships to push their devices, the iPhone in particular. Plus, the reality in the new hot grounds of mobile is that high-priced devices don’t shape things. Low-cost devices do. That is bad news for iOS.

Look at the stats again. See that huge gap between Android and iOS already? Scary? Yes. That’s what happens when other players and regular market forces finally turn the tides – a walkover. Here are the stats again in an easier to digest format:

  • Android: 56.5%
  • iOS: 39.6%
  • Windows: 1.8%.

So, Android is maximum ruler of the mobile landscape, leading in both smartphone and tablet markets. Again, I say what I have always said, If and when Apple changes their game, perhaps they can win the numbers game for a significant period of time. Till then… I don’t think that anyone other than delusional fan boys are surprised that Android now rules the mobile jungle completely. Android rules supreme.

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