No; the Oppo Find 7 doesn’t have a 50 megapixel camera

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Oppo Find 7

You probably have heard news of the Oppo Find 7, a 5.5-inch display smartphone that supposedly has a 50 megapixel camera. Well, it doesn’t. What it has is a 13 megapixel rear camera that takes ten photographs quickly in “Super Zoom” mode, and stitches the best four out of them into a single 50 megapixel image. This is in the opposite direction of what Nokia did with its actual 41 megapixel cameras that produces large, high quality images and uses oversampling to produce smaller size images among other things.

My interest is piqued and I look forward to seeing the results of the Oppo Find 7 camera once it is out. Do you think Oppo are up to something?


  1. Not sure this can match what’s coming from Nokia Lumia devices but it may be good enough to compete favourably well with the likes of Samsung and other Android OEMs. like you always say, what matters more is what you do with the number of pixels rather than parading or parroting the raw figures.

    Time will tell but somehow, I am inclined to believe that there could be something here.

  2. Innovative thinking, I like that this isn’t coming from a “major” brand. But that name “Oppo” though.

    Now that virtually all phones are slab-like; manufacturers have ‘nearly’ exhausted themselves with the raw specs war, having one focus on something else is refreshing. Still, I plan on upgrading my bold 6 to a BB 10 device. I grow bored with all the slabs

  3. i think it’s a good idea, but it’s application of old tech in a new way. this is cold war era tech from spy planes

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