The Nokia 103 is at the bottom of the food chain. It is a very basic feature phone. This device is as basic as mobile

Nokia 103 Review

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The Nokia 103 is at the bottom of the food chain. It is a very basic feature phone. This device is as basic as mobile gets. As such, the sales package is basic too – the phone, a charger, and the battery.


The 103 has a 96 x 68 pixel, 1.36 inch monochrome display, and large comfortable keys laid out in the traditional mobile phone way. It feels comfortable in the hand. It is all plastic, of course.


Don’t expect any bells and whistles here. There is no camera, internet connectivity or any other form of connectivity either. This little guy is for people who need voice and SMS. Remember, its at the bottom of the chain.

At the top of the phone is a flashlight and a 3.5mm port for a headset. On the right is the old Nokia charging port, at the bottom is the microphone, and the lower left edge provides a lanyard slot.


Diving into the menu of the phone reveals Messages (SMS), Contacts, Call Register, Settings, Clock, FM Radio Reminders, Games and Extras. Under Extras, you have utilities like a calculator, converter, countdown timer, calendar, stopwatch and flashlight. Not a bad line-up for a basic feature phone.

Included games include: Bounce, Soccer League, and Snake Xenzia.

Nokia claims that the 103 has up to 27 days standby time and a talk time of up to 11 hours. While I haven’t put these claims to test, I have found the 103 going for days though the children listen to radio and play games on it a whole lot. The stellar battery life meaning that it keeps going for days, and the flashlight comes in handy those nights when public power supply is unavailable.

For cutting edge mobile users, the Nokia 103 will find useful service as a backup device during road or off-road trips (camping, hiking, etc). It will also serve well as a house phone. It looks and feels like a device that can take some rough handling and still keep going. I am tempted to call the 103 the Nokia 3310 of 2013, but from what I have read of the Nokia 105, I do feel that the latter deserves that tag.

The Nokia 103 costs about N3,000 on the streets.


  1. I recently got the phone to retire my E71 (MTN has made sure that I only use my line for voice and SMS only), and after 2 weeks I can say am pleased enough with the phone. Battery life is good (I put in effort not to charge bit up every night ). it can last up to one week of usage before charging is required (I have done about 113 minutes of calls on it so far).
    the phone lives up to its hype…I just wished the flash was brighter, maybe I could sync my contacts…but then again it’s the most basic of feature phones.

  2. Nice review. Article like this reminds me how much we have progressed with mobile technology or technology in general. It is really funny we feel very comfortable to call a phone that has an FM radio, basic calculator and stopwatch and countdown timer and other handy tools basic phone when those additions were standalone and useful gadgets some two decades ago.

    Technology has really made progress.

  3. My 2310 used to go for a week before charging back when it was new. I guess this would be a worthy replacement for it…and to house the yellow sim card. I can’t phantom why the yellow sim card is unbroken still.

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