Nokia 220 Review: A must have feature phone.. but there’s a catch

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It has been long, the last time we saw a feature phone review here. The trend in Nigeria is improving and gravitating towards smartphone usage. Ultra cheap smartphones are selling in droves, and putting “smart machines” in more hands, but yo be honest, despite the smart phone rush, we still have a larger population of our people living on feature phones.

Nokia 220-01

The reasons behind this trend isn’t far fetched. Feature phones offer the best battery lives, ease of use (with little or no learning curve), and lastly, are dirt cheap price. This might not be the usual kind of review you expect.

So I just got this Nokia 220. The phone is cool in all ramifications. Packing a reasonably big 2.4- inch display with a resolution of 320×240, 2MP camera, with a 360p video recording. This phone struck me with one amazing feature: a torchlight!

Have you ever seen a coloured screen phone with torchlight? smile emoticon That’s not all. The Nokia 220 also supports 2G internet browsing powered by the Nokia Xpress Browser. As if that’s not enough, The 220 is also Dual SIM/Standby, with a memory card slot of 32GB maximum capacity.

Nokia 220 back

Another thing I love about the 220 is its micro USB 2.0 slot. This means no need for Nokia small pin charger.

It’s not all blitz and glamour, however, as the story turns sour. The phone comes with some apps (mostly games) pre-installed: trial version of Assassin’s Creed, Real Football, Modern combat etc, and that’s where it seems to end as far as apps are concerned. Trying to get 3rd party apps to work on the phone is a problem. Opening the default Nokia Browser, I ran to go download Opera Mini. It downloaded successfully but refused to open. I looked round the phone, but I couldn’t find the app.

Nokia 220

Then I went ahead, plugged it to PC, transferred some old jar files to the memory card. The apps blatantly refused to open, and displayed the app icons as text files. “What sort of rubbish is this?”, were the words that fell out of my lips.

Running to Google, I found out that the Nokia 220 runs basic Nokia S30+ OS, and this makes it have zero app compatibility. The phone was also not listed to support Nokia Store. This translates to:

  • You cannot install any apps,
  • You cannot delete any pre-installed apps.

It is quite disappointing to learn that this device doesn’t support apps, but besides the app conundrum, the Nokia 220 is a nice device to use.


  1. Please how much does it go for? As for me I don’t think there’s a need for running apps on this phone. I sure can’t deal

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