Mister Mo Compares Prices: Nokia 3310 2G and Freetel ICE 2

I woke up this morning at around 4am to meet power supply on. That had a nice feeling to it. I took things easy a bit before proceeding to power on my laptop about 15 minutes later. Then power supply went off. Sigh. Spoilsports.

You probably cannot appreciate that story if you have never lived in Nigeria. Anyway, I picked up my trusty Lumia 950 and began to scroll through my Instagram feed. I mean, I could go disturb Mrs Mo a little, but she had a hectic day yesterday and went to bed tired. I have no plans to kill the poor woman. So, I did what the any adjusted 40-something year old man of 2017 would do when he had time on his hands – browse social media. In this case, Instagram.

See What Idleness Caused

It was while browsing through Instagram that I saw an advert for the new Nokia 3310, the 2G version announced earlier in the year. Since the Nokia 3310 3G was announced, I have resorted to calling this earlier model Nokia 3310 2G.

That makes sense; doesn’t it? It is also easier for reference purposes. Here is the breakdown:

  1. Nokia 3310 is the original model from years ago.
  2. Nokia 3310 2G is the 2017 model with GPRS/EDGE.
  3. Nokia 3310 3G is the 2017 model with 3G.

I hear Nokia is toying with introducing a 4G feature phone in India. Are we to expect a Nokia 3310 4G? Don’t scream. We have had Fast n Furious all the way up to 8. I’m sure we can handle a 3310 4G.
Nokia 3310 2G front

Compare Mobile Phone Prices: Freetel ICE 2 Versus Nokia 3310 2G

But the real question is, What value will such a phone bring and at what price point? The Nokia 3310 2G advert I saw had a N24,000 price tag on it. On seeing it, my system went into shock. I hadn’t done a mental comparison before now. But, that is about N10,000 extra on the cost of the Freetel ICE 2 smartphone!!

Blistering barnacles! That 2G feature phone with its very limited set of features costs N9,000 more than a fully fledged 3G smartphone that offers infinitely more features and functions.

Compare the prices and compare the features, and it is hard to find any advantage the 3310 2G has over the ICE 2 apart from battery life.

Freetel Ice 2 homescreen on

Nokia 3310 2G Against Other Feature Phones

Yes; which makes the Nokia feature phone excellent for people who are not netizens yet but want a solid basic phone with a battery that will last. But that now opens another can of worms: there are other feature phones in the market that meet that criteria and cost much less than the Nokia 3310 2G.

See the problem? Whether it is against the ICE 2 or against other feature phones, the Nokia isn’t just great value for money either way.

I don’t know about you, but I am still unable to wrap my head around it. If someone looking for the best value-for-money were to ask me for advice on which phone to buy between the 3310 2G and the ICE 2, it sure won’t be the former. There is no competition in this phone comparison. The ICE 2 leaves the 3310 2G flat in the dust.

Nokia 3310 2G back

The End

Have you seen our Freetel ICE 2 review? Go read it if you haven’t. That mobile phone is great for its price. I am reclined here in the darkness of the living room at 5.10am and typing this article on the ICE 2 using the WordPress Android app. Try doing that on the much pricier Nokia 3310 2G.

Someone at HMD Global needs to call a meeting and review the price of that phone. The prices of the 3G model and the unannounced 4G model should be on the agenda too.

This is the part at the end of the average Nollywood movie where we say, “To God be the glory”; right? Have a pleasant weekend!

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