The Nokia 3410 is one budget little phone young people will enjoy using. It holds a unique place in my annals in the sense that

Nokia 3410 review

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The Nokia 3410 is one budget little phone young people will enjoy using. It holds a unique place in my annals in the sense that it was the first java-enabled phone I ever used. Actually, it was the first truly fun phone I ever used. Thankfully, most business phones today include some fun factor, so the busy executive can unwind when he needs to.

Nokia 3410

Form Factor
The 3410 is small enough to fit into your shirt or trouser pocket. The form factor is okay, but nothing outstanding.

The 3410 comes with a monochrome/grayscale screen that allows you to read not more than 4 lines of text. Pretty much after the lineage of the successful 3310.

However, the keypad is nowhere near as good as that of the 3310. I submit that the Nokia 3310/3330 has one of the best keypads I have ever used on a phone. Unfortunately, the keys of the 3410 are not of the excellent hard and tactile plastic that won me over on the 3310. That does not mean that they do not work fine. As a matter of fact, they do. They get the job done.

Battery Performance
2 to 3 days on a full charge with the way I use phones. Good enough.

There are no connection slots on this phone. That’s typical Nokia stuff. All their low-end phones have no built-in connectivity hardware.

WAP Browser
WAP worked flawlessly on this set. One of the sites I checked out was Club Nokia, from where I downloaded some pictures and a different version of the game PinBall.

Mobile Java
The phone comes with some games, and I particularly enjoyed the java game Munkiki. You control a monkey who has to find pieces of treasure on an isolated platform made of movable building blocks in the middle of the ocean. the game utilizes 3-dimensional graphics, plus sounds, and is much fun to play.

But the beauty of java is that you do not have to make do with what comes with the phone. So, I simply downloaded other java games and applications via WAP. I downloaded an Email viewer. After installing it, all I had to do to check my mails was type in my email username and password, click ‘check mail’, and wait. The mail viewer retrieves all new mail on my server for me to read. Oh, java… oh java. Mobile java turns your phone into a PC, …almost. There were several other applications I downloaded and put to use on this small, insignificant-looking phone.

I had fun on the 3410, it being my first java-enabled phone. Since then it has been difficult to feel comfortable with any phone if its not java-enabled (or have any other means of customising it with applications). Small and compact, affordable, and though without many features, with java you can download and install just about anything you need to use. Thumbs up, Nokia.

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