Nokia 5800 gets firmware v52.0.007

Posted by MobilityArena

For the umpteenth time, another Nokia 5800 firmware update is available. Would anyone blame Nokia for sustaining the support for a hugely successful product? This bumps the 5800 to firmware version 52.0.007.

Specific changes include:

  • Upgrade CPU performance
  • Enhanced touch screen
  • Improve wifi, connection error Ovi Store
  • Rotation Enhanced
  • Software Map added
  • V52 pictures and movies better!
  • No Nokia Email
  • Interface does not change!
  • Update to the Web Browser (to v7.2.6.9)
  • Update to Ovi Maps (to v3.04 10wk32)

If you’ve got a Nokia 5800, go get it!



  1. i think Nokia removed the nokia messaging service for a devious reason.

    When i signed into the Nokia messaging service It was made known that it was merely a trial version with possibility of payment after the trial is over.

    Maybe Nokia wants to use this to cancel their messaging service.

    My question is why can’t it be free? Or left to the Networks like Blackberry messaging!

  2. Yomi, I always felt that the 5230 and 5800 share similar firmware! Is there no hack to port the 5800 firmware to 5230? By the way I am still beefed up about Nokia removing their messaging service from the update.

  3. Just updated my Nokia 5800. One thing the update brought is an automatic subscription to the “My Nokia” service that let’s you receive tips and tricks from Nokia via SMS about your device.

    If you ask me, I say nice.

  4. @Afewgoodmen, My experience with the Nokia messaging service on the 5800 was less than satisfactory and it’s been uninstalled from my phone a long time. Their removing it now does not bother me one bit.

  5. Now why must nokia do this just few days after I gave out my 5800 to my boy. The allure of samsung wave was too strong didn’t think twice before giving out the robust nokia 5800. Now I miss the upgrade, I miss the flawless copy/paste function, I miss the free ovi maps.

    Not to worry, there’s always an upgrage for your phone after that of 5800.

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