Nokia 5800 XM firmware updated to v51.0.006

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If there is a smartphone on this planet that has been updated to death, it is the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Nokia seems to be absolutely committed to this device.

nokia5800Improvements include:

  1. Overall speed/performance is better
  2. Kinetic scrolling is better
  3. Mail for Exchange is better
  4. Touch vibration bug is fixed
  5. Browser is better
  6. Improved video calls
  7. Music Player is better

How the OTA Update Works

From the phone’s home screen click the dial pad short cut key, then dial *#0000#. The phone displays your current firmware version.

From that screen, click Options and select Check for updates. The phone will alert you of a new firmware version and then select download.

Once the installation file is downloaded, select Install and the new firmware will be installed on your phone.

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Too
The Nokia 5530 also got an update to v31.0.005, so if you have this Symbian device, there are goodies for you too.


  1. deoladoctor,

    I have no info on that at this tiime. If I had a 5800, I’d also be able to test things out. Unfortunately, I don’t. Cheers.

  2. Just finished updating my 5800. The update from v.50 is just about 2.7mb. Have not tried out the phone but will keep you posted on my findings if any.

  3. I love Nokia for their Updates.

    B4 you update do ensure you are connected to WIFI or you are on a Data Bundle plan unless you dont mind the 15kb/s. E.g 2.7MB will cost N414.72.

  4. @bosun99uk

    I just did exactly that overnight. The update costing about N414.

    Aside from the slight improvement in the gps reception which is still below optimal, and reduction in phone touch screen vibration which am not happy with, i see no other difference from v.50

  5. @bosun99uk
    An insignificant update if you ask me. Afterall, ‘can anything good come out of……’ a less than 3mb update?

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