Nokia’s bestselling mid-range smartphone, the 5800 XpressMusic, has received an update that bumps its firmware to version 50.0.005. The update brings the following features (among

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic firmware updated to 50.0.005

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Nokia’s bestselling mid-range smartphone, the 5800 XpressMusic, has received an update that bumps its firmware to version 50.0.005.
The update brings the following features (among others):

  • Kinetic scrolling in application menus
  • Updated music player
  • Updated QuickOffice application
  • Ovi Maps updated to version 3.03
  • Ovi Store updated
  • Web browser updated

If you have a Nokia 5800, hook it up to your internet-connected PC and get it updated. We hear that the update has changed the device so much that its almost a different device from what you purchased.


  1. Wow!!!

    This is what i’ve been waiting for. Got my 5800 up to firmware v40 and though that’s all the tricks up their sleeves for the phone.

    I feel like breakdancing. Someone care to join in the dance?

  2. Its wonderful to see kinetic scrolling is also now seen in application menu. But yesterday when i try to update my phone it said “there is no latest update for you”, i am thinking to change my product code and then try it again. I prefer Nokia Software Updater utility which seems to me easy to handle.


  3. ‘Updated QuickOffice application’?
    Have not seen any sign of that. My version of Nokia5800 ends not come preinstalled with ‘QuickOffice’!

    More importantly, this firmware_update solves a critical display problem of the very early versions of the Nokia 5800 (mine inclusive). See Nokia Support Discussions – Nokia 5800 display problem. this problem was partially solved using ‘PhoneTorch’

    It also solves the non response of the home screen to ‘touch'(in some Nokia5800 versions (mine inclusive). I addressed that problem effectively using ‘HandyShell’.

    @DeolaDoctor, I have been breakdancing since this update came out on Tuesday.

    Kinetic scrolling (partially implemented since Version 40) is now truly ubiquitous.

    Go, Nokia, Gooo !!!

  4. Updated yesterday, location: Croatia (VIP).

    Major problems: GPS not working (can’t find sattelites, “signal low” all the time, on locations where it worked easily the day before), touch vibration on Level 1 is the same as on Level 2 or stronger than previous Level 1 (annoying, I got used to Level 1).

    Didn’t try hard resetting yet.

    Those of you that have 40.0.005 don’t bother upgrading – no visible difference (40.0.005 already had kinetic, Ovi Maps 3, Ovi store, etc) except kinetic menus. I don’t use Music player. No Qoffice. Don’ see any difference in web browser.

  5. After maybe 5th or 6th restart since updating FW, GPS started working (?!), but I get “lost signal”+”recalculating” every 2-3 minutes (driven about 20 km on familiar roads). Same thing happens in Maps and in Garmin, so it shouldn’t be application issue. It never happened before. Positioning server is disabled.Maybe after another 5-6 restarts…
    About touch vibration: now I think levels 1 and 2 are swapped.
    Browser, of course, auto defaults to full screen. Sorry for that.
    Pretty annoyed so far, I’ll keep you posted.
    (RM-356, v50.0.005.C03.01)

  6. Well, i finally got the firmware v50 but not without cost.

    To start with, MTN took my five hundred naira without giving me a single gprs to download the firmware OTA. You see, i got the 50mb, 24hrs plan only to find out that i could not connect or browse. It was a useless gprs. Thanks to Yom’s tutorials on use of windows XP wifi as a hotspot. That saved the day. With my starcomms modem on my XP, i quickly created a hotspot and used the 5800’s wifi to download the 11mb firmware over the air. The rest was business as usual. Soon, i was up from v40 to v50.

    Now to the v50.
    1. The kinetic scrolling now in main menu but not as smooth or “fluid” as i would want it.
    2. Music player has a new look in the music list with album arts showing where applicable in front of the music on the list. The sound quality is also enhanced giving good mature, true to life sounds.
    3. Ovi Maps in my phone already 3.03 so no change. But as mentioned by pe dro above, Ovi maps did not work on first two tries until after a reboot and locating satellites (which initially were playing now you see us now you don’t). Navigation is working now.
    4. I have not noticed any change in Quickoffice and still have not been able to use adobe reader cos i have no means of buying the reader. (i.e. no VISA card, etc)
    5. Ovi store and browser not accessed yet cos of non functional MTN gprs.
    6. Applications like Ovi Sync and Ovi Contacts got added with their own icons under applications menu.

    Will keep you posted if i notice other things. But all in all, this is a great improvement. My firmware was upgraded over the air not via NSU on my PC.

  7. @Afewgoodmen

    Am sure you’ll be thrilled by this improvements. My 5800 is getting very close to being an iphone killer. All I need now is multitouch to put the nokia 5800 well ahead of the iphone. Every other things in nokia 5800 are either at par or ahead of the iphone. What.s your comment on that?

  8. To all our people out there using nokia 5800 and thinking of upgrading to firmware v.50, if you are the type that depends heavily on Nokia Maps or other apps requiring gps, my advice for you is to stick to your v.40. The new firmware will mess up your gps. My Nokia Maps which till now works flawlessly, is now unpredictable. It works sometimes and at other times you get ‘waiting for gps… ‘ message.

    But aside from the gps issue, the new firmware is great.

  9. @Deoladoctor. I am quite impressed with the improved and enhanced kinetic scrolling on the Nokia 5800. The improvement including the kinetic scrolling and other things you mentioned are features and UI that I have come to take for granted on the iphone.

    Yes, with Multi-touch, perhaps the 5800 may just be comparable with the iphone. I said “COmparable”.

  10. And why did Nokia mess up maps in the latest upgrade. I felt upgrades was to improve the user interface. Perhaps it was only a half baked firmware upgrade. Perhaps the next FW upgrade should correct this problem.

  11. @deoladoctor

    RE: PDF reader
    A few days ago I stumbled upon PDF+ 1.76. I’ve been using Adobe LE 1.5 (didn’t want to buy 2.5/couldn’t find cracked), now I removed it. Tested with couple of files, much better than LE 1.5

    Glad to hear that somebody else has same GPS problems as I do:-) After couple of more restarts still no luck with it (today it wouldn’t lock on, although sattelite status bars were changing and sometimes more than 4 were full at the same time). Since I don’t need GPS these days, I’ll try to avoid resetting phone until I really need it.

  12. @pe dro

    Thanks for the info on the PDF+ 1.76. I am downloading it now and hope i’ll be able to view pdf on my 5800.

    The gps is still misbehaving but since i don’t use it much, i can live with the issue till the next firmware comes out to correct it.

  13. Deoladoctor should know best. But believe me, the 5800 is a very good phone at the present price.

  14. @Mayowa

    Aside from the gps issue, every other things i’ve noticed are working very fine. Well, working so fine to the extent of the accelerometer ‘having a mind of its own’. (I think it was Yomi that first said that). This time the mind is stronger and inclined towards the landscape view.

  15. About Nokia Maps, after installing 50.0.005 firmware version, Nokia maps did not started any more. After 3 days trying it is now working. I deleted the CITIES folder in memory card.
    I think erasing phone maps with maps loader would solve too.

  16. Nokia 5800 has really come a long way. The regular updates have improved it drastically compared to the first, raw version.
    I stumbled on this latest firmware update by accident last week and quickly updated my smartphone. Being a heavy user, every improvement no matter how little, is welcome. 🙂

  17. @Luciano

    The issue is not with the nokia maps. The problem is with the gps. When you use the map, the message you get is ‘waiting for gps….’ The wait never ends and the map doesn’t work. Try go to Location under Applications and click on GPS data. Then under options check satellite status. You will see how bad the gps is.

    Re-installing maps will not solve the issue.

  18. @deoladoctor

    You discribed another problem. My problem was that the Nokia Maps application really did not started after firmware upgrad. When it tryied to start, the first screen appeared and the application was closed without any information. I thought it could be compatibility betwen my maps already saved and the new Nokia maps application, so I tried to delete the folder. It is now working fine.

  19. Hi Guys, I notice sometime on most Nigerian Networks, and it is that its very difficult to upgrade nokia firmware over the air even with the 3.5g of mtn and glo networks. I want to upgrade my Nokia E75 firmware, please how or where do I do this in Nigeria. Thanks.

  20. Mobility Nigeria does firmware updates. Send a mail to mobility[@] for enquiries.

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