The Nokia 7 Plus is looking like a very compelling mid-range smartphone. Its list of features make it very attractive indeed for people who want high-end features and performance for less. And it looks damn sexy too!


Nokia 7 Plus Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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The Nokia 7 Plus is looking like a very compelling mid-range smartphone. Its list of features make it very attractive indeed for people who want flagship features and performance for less. We were looking forward to seeing how well the Nokia 7 Plus camera performs. The phone sure looks damn sexy – like something you would want to be seen with everywhere you go. Enjoy our Nokia 7 Plus review.


Besides looking good, you will want to know upfront that this is a 4G LTE device, runs Android OS, has a dual rear camera, and a fairly large 3800mAh battery.

Why You Will Want The Nokia 7 Plus

Here are solid reasons why you should consider getting yourself a Nokia 7 Plus when it hits the stores in your area.


Nokia 7 Plus Review

Nokia 7 Plus Review: 18:9 Aspect Ratio Screen

The Nokia 7 Plus is HMD Global’s first smartphone with a FullView display having an 18:9 aspect ratio, plus an attempt at bezel-less design. Yes; it isn’t quite as bezel-less as we would like. Still, this means that the 6-inch Nokia 7 Plus is the size of a traditional 5.5 inches phone. More is less; less is more.


Nokia 7 Plus Review: Snapdragon 660 Processor

This processor has been acclaimed in the industry as offering high-end performance to mid-range smartphones. Having it power the Nokia 7 Plus means the phone offers great performance for its price.

Nokia 7 Plus Review: Android One

The Nokia 7 Plus runs stock Android 8 Oreo and is also on the Android One programme. Stock Android means the OS is free of bloatware.

Nokia is already one of the most responsive smartphone brands when it comes to software updates, with a two-year guarantee of major updates and monthly security updates. Hopefully, Google’s Android One will not mess that reputation up this time. Read up more about the Android One programme.


4. 4GB RAM

A combination of Snapdragon 660 processor, stock Android and 4GB RAM means that the Nokia 7 Plus will be awesome at multitasking and switching between apps. Gamers who do not want to spend on a flagship will find this phone a delight too.

5. Nokia 7 Plus Camera

Everyone loves a good camera. The main Nokia 7 Plus camera is a dual setup with Zeiss optics, promising good mobile photography. The selfie camera has Zeiss optics too and so promises to be good too. Does it live up to the promise? Yes; it does.

While it is not spectacular, the Nokia 7 Plus camera takes very decent photographs. We will publish sample photos in a different article.


Nokia 7 Plus camera

Quick Charge 3.0 means that the battery gets charged quickly, and battery life is good. With internal storage of 64GB, there is plenty of space for your files too. if you need more space, you can give up one of the SIM card slots to add a card of up to 256GB size.


The Nokia 7 Plus is a compelling smartphone. It also has a fingerprint sensor at the back, fast battery charging, Gorilla Glass protection for the screen, and that interesting aluminium/ceramic body combination.

Nokia 7 Plus Review: The Achilles Heel

The Nokia 7 Plus has one huge disappointing feature: the loudspeaker audio quality is a notch above crap. It is so, so disappointing for a phone at this price point. However, considering that the Nokia 7 Plus is a mid-ranger offering flagship features, something was bound to give somewhere. The loudspeaker is where.

One other thing you will find annoying is sunlight legibility. Take the Nokia 7 Plus out under the tropical sun and it becomes very difficult to read anything on the screen. You will keep covering and tilting the display in order to make out text, especially white text on a dark background.

That’s it about the Nokia 7 Plus – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Do not forget to have a look at the full specs HERE.

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  2. Even though they are relatively far behind in market, Nokia still remain a jealous brand. Nokia 7 is a phone to behold.

  3. I love everything about this phone, talk of the disappointment of the speaker, for me, i don’t really care much about that, as long as i can get a good headphone with quality sound, I’m good to go. I don’t really like it anytime I listen to music through my phone speakers.

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