These Nokia 9 Concept Photos Are Droolworthy

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While, it has decent specs and features, not a few fans of Nokia were a bit disappointed with the design of the Nokia 8. Those bezels. Because in 2017, bezel-less smartphones are the rave in the flagship category. The Nokia 9 is not official yet, but conversations are already going on about it, and someone has come up with drop-dead gorgeous Nokia 9 concept photos.

Nokia 9 Concept Photos

Nokia 9 concept photos

Nokia 9 concept photo

Nokia 9 concept photo

If the Nokia 9 turns out dressed up like this, oh sugar! What is not to like?

What is interesting is how the artist behind this followed the design language of the new Nokia smartphones. If the Nokia 9 is any different from what we see here, it shouldn’t be by much. However one looks at it, these concept photos are good. Or is it just me? What do you think?

See More Of Them

There are more of these concept photos where the above came from. Which is why you should visit the Facebook page of Phone Designer to have a look. Click HERE.

While we all wait for the Nokia 9 to be unveiled, if you are interested in bezel-less smartphones that you can buy right now, we wrote about 12 Bezel-less smartphones you can buy in 2017.


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