Nokia Networks acquires Alcatel-Lucent for $16.6 Billion

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Nokia has just acquired Alcatel-Lucent for a whooping 15.6 billion euros ($16.6 billion) as reported by Wall Street. Alcatel-Lucent is the largest maker of mobile phone network equipment in the world and this will eventually give Nokia an edge over its wireless networking equipment rivals, Ericsson and Huawei.

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It appears that since after the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft, the former has returned to profitability to the tune of spending such amount of cash and acquiring another company. In a statement, Nokia said

…the combined company will be in a position to accelerate development of future technologies including 5G… as well as sensors and imaging.

Recall that Nokia released an Android tab called N1 which isn’t really doing bad in sales. There’s also talk Nokia may sell off their HERE Maps division if the price is right. Let’s hope all these ends up well for them.



  1. Alcatel-Lucent has sold all its divisions, sold the phone making division to TCL in order to concentrate on their core network architecture business. Nokia on the other seems to have gotten stronger since they sold off their phone making division. don’t know about eventually, think this pushes them to #1 already. side note, wonder why the Nokia-Ericsson partnership folded up

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