Mobile ad company InMobi has released a report focused on the African mobile market compiled from their global mobile advertising network data for April 2011.

Nokia and Symbian Still Rule Africa

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Mobile ad company InMobi has released a report focused on the African mobile market compiled from their global mobile advertising network data for April 2011.

In brief, the report shows Nokia dominating the mobile phone market and Symbian still at the top of the African smartphone market.

Mobile Phone Share
Nokia dominantinafrica manufacturer apr2011
The top 3 mobile manufacturers in Africa:

  1. Nokia: 60.9%
  2. Samsung: 20.3%
  3. Sony Ericsson: 6.3%

Smartphone OS Share
Nokia dominantinafrica apr2011
The top 3 smartphone platforms in Africa are:

  1. Symbian: 24.2%
  2. BlackBerry: 3.1%
  3. Android: 0.7%

Note that these figures are all derived from ad impressions on the InMobi network. It remains to be seen what these charts will look like in the next one to two years.


  1. The only surprise I found among the top three manufacturers is Sony Ericsson. I know Sony Ericsson make great phones but I’m not sure they’ve been aggressive with marketing in the recent past, particularly here in Nigeria.

  2. True talk I still remember those good old days when it was Sony Ericsson competing with Nokia. Probably internal boardroom politics must have dealt a blow to their widespread popularity especially with connectivity to the internet with a laptop computer.Good for them for waking up from slumber. It remains to be seen if they can catch up with Samsung which is on the upward move.Nokia don’t kill yourself.

  3. Not surprising at all. Nokia is still doing it in Africa. Supreme for now.

    If you go to church or maybe a conference and you hear that classical Nokia ringtone; everone simultaneously and involuntarily reach for their pockets or handbags. Why? Because all of us use one Nokia phone or another. SOme of us Symbian. But who cares? you can’t know the difference from the sound of the ringtone.

    It is not unexpected that Nokia is doing so well in Africa. They’ve always supported us!! Apple does not support many countries (Nigeria included) in Africa. Android just started supporting Nigeria, even Blackberry too (through their app store).

    If Nokia continues this way, then Africa is their reserved right to grab. I’m Still waiting for Symbian ^3 Anna. ANd I need the Nokia E6 like blood!!

  4. Afewgoodmen….you use iphone and nokia 5230…two touchscreen phones…i thought touch was your thing? Why the preference ofnokia E6 over nokia X7? 4inch touchscreen!

  5. Shayman, i get your point. However i want to try my hands after a long time on a candybar QWERTY phone. They say variety is the spice of life.

    Another reason why i love the e6 is the display. If you’ve used the iphone 4 or ipod touch 4G; you’ll reLize that it has the highest resolution than any phone presently; 960 X 640 pixels, Which is touted as “Retina Display”!

    The E6 has a lower resolution than the iPhone 3 but has a much smaller Screen display. So if you multiply the resolution you’ll get pixel density comparable or slightly higher than the iphone 4. That’s something, if I know my Math. I just wonder why Nokia isn’t marketing the E6 as such.

    So you see. The E6 in my opinion is a great phone.

  6. The way you type your long comments on your touch phone with no mistakes is amusing lol….u dont need a qwerty lol….anyway i just hope the nokia E6pricing is worth it

  7. Thanks. I’m just used to touch-screen. It is actually faster than a QWERTY keypad if you use your two thumbs with the help of an I integrated dictionary and auto-correct.

    I Also hope that Nokia gets the e6 pricing right otherwise it might not be a Compelling buy!

  8. I see Nokia maintaining this position for a very long time.

    Those affordable phones are everywhere and they sell in large quantities.

    All the new OS are high profile Smartphone oriented.

    Please, lets give it to Nokia, they have earn it.

  9. From what I’ve read so far, the price of the E6-00 is high. Converted to Naira, it seems it will cost at least 85k.

  10. Yeah, 85 is too much for an e6 considering its not so great specs. Only the symbian anna is a bit compelling. It should not be higher than e5 but not upto the price of nokia c7. Hence a range between 37 to 45. Well i’m not a marketer

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