Nokia promises two years of Android OS updates

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If there is one thing that Android smartphone enthusiasts keep complaining about, it is the general lack of support for software updates. Most Android smartphones never receive a single software update in their lifetimes. The few flagship and upper mid-range phone models that do usually get only one and are then abandoned. Nokia has stated that their new Android phone models will get two years of Android OS updates.

Nokia Android smartphones with Android OS updates

Nokia Android OS updates

At a Nokia launch event in the Philippines, Shannon Mead, Philippines country manager, HMD Global was reported as stating that all current Nokia Android smartphones will receive two years of Android OS updates.

Great news? Of course. The implication of this news is that a Nokia smartphone model that was released with Android 7 Nougat will get updated to Android 8 Oreo and also Android P (whatever tasty name that will be called). This is the best deal in the Android smartphone world.

But there the Google Pixel devices get new Android version updates for 2 years too. The difference is that Nokia is offering two years of updates for all its models – from budget to flagship. Yes; even the low-end Nokia 3 qualify for these updates.

This is the only Android smartphone manufacturer that offers this level of software update support for all its models. Android fans had hopes in Motorola but those hopes never materialised, as the company offers updates only for a few models.

Looking Into The Future

Naturally, the more mobile phone models a manufacturer produces, the lower the chances that software updates across board will happen. That seems to be the situation with Motorola right now. The brand has too many models to support. Will that ever become the same issue with Nokia? This is their first year in the Android ecosystem and there are currently only four models on the table – Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, and Nokia 8. A fifth and sixth, the Nokia 2 and Nokia 9 respectively, are being expected before the year runs out.

The statement made at the launch event was specific about existing models. It does not necessarily commit Nokia to all future models; does it? What will happen when Nokia has 20 models in the market? Only time will tell.

In Search Of Software Update Support

If software updates are important to you and you want guaranteed updates to Android O (2017) and P (2018), perhaps you will be better off with a Nokia smartphone. Do not forget to pray that they too will not change the goalpost in the middle of the game like Motorola did. For now, this brand is the closest to the Android equivalent of what Apple offers iPhones in terms of software support.

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