Dual-SIM mobiles have always caught the fancy of subscribers who find the need to use more than one line but do not want to carry

Nokia announces Dual-SIM devices

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Dual-SIM mobiles have always caught the fancy of subscribers who find the need to use more than one line but do not want to carry two devices. Until now, Samsung had been the only major manufacturer who had dabbled into the world of Dual-SIM mobiles.

However, the world’s number one mobile manufacturer has stepped up to the plate with two new devices, the Nokia C1 (left) and the C2 (right).

nokia c1 c2

Both are basic low-end devices. The C1 offers the most basic features – no network data, no external card slot, no J2ME support; just voice and SMS. Only one SIM is functional at a time.

The C2 is a little bit more advanced. Both SIMs are active at the same time (Dual Standby), there’s GPRS and a web browser, and there’s a microSD card slot.

Both devices are expected in the market towards the end of the year.


  1. Late starter coming with a very poor show.

    China is already dominating this segment and are doing very fine in sales. Nokia and others will have to bring dual sims (with dual standby) into their smartphones and midrange phones if they are to make any impact here.

    All the same, its a welcome development and shows that nokia have their ears to the ground and are aware of the china phones sales success.

  2. well done Nokia, long time coming and C2 by far is the better option. but as previous commentators have said they should put this future in their smart phones!

  3. I believe Nokia want to gauge consumers’ reaction to dual sim phones by first introducing the feature on low end devices. We may get it later on smart phones. By the way, the c2 should be just okay for most people considering that it has GPRS, web browser and memory card slot.

  4. One more thing. Nokia shouldn’t forget about the price tag. If they are to succeed on this front, the have to beat the chinese at the price game. I doubt if they’ll be able to do this.

  5. Let’s see this feature on smartphones. Another innovation by Nokia is the Bicycle phone Charger. Nokia is doing much!

  6. many people who own two or more phones are very likely to be able to afford more than the C1 and C2. Come on Nokia move this feature up the ladder a little.

  7. Additional information about the phones from engadget

    “The C1 is actually a three-pack of phones — the C1-00, C1-01, and C1-02 — all of which feature Nokia’s longest standby time ever (quoted at six weeks) along with a color display, integrated flashlight, 3.5mm headphone hack, and FM radio; the 01 and 02 variants add microSD slots, while the 01 also features a VGA camera and the 00 becomes Nokia’s very first dual-SIM device to hit the market. The C2 is also a dual-SIM device, but unlike the C1-00, the C2 can keep both SIMs active simultaneously, meaning you’ll be able to get calls and messages to either SIM without manually switching. It’s got a microSD slot and a SIM slot, meaning that one of the two SIMs is hot-swappable — a pretty unique feature if you’ve got an endless supply of lines that you want to be able to use without hassle. Look for the C1-00 to hit in the third quarter for €30 ($37) subsidy-free, the C1-01 early in the fourth quarter for €39 ($47), and the C1-02 and C2 both to come late in the fourth quarter of the year for 35 and 45 ($43 and $55), respectively”

  8. With exclusivity deals arrangement in developed countries Nokia may be unwilling to put sim cards in their top end phones. So that the may not annoy their wireless carrier partners!

  9. This is what I call a reverse-KIRF! [KIRF: keeping it real fake]. Readers in Engadget will understand! By reverse-KIRF I mean: Here’s Nokia incorporating a feature its Chinese clones have always had. Who’s the clone Daddy now? LOL

  10. please i can not log into facebook anymore with this phone. someone collected this and try to log himself but could not, but now i can not even log myself in again.

  11. fantastic for nokia its ok as pioneer of classic phone, but how will i treat i.e. destroy or blust the phone when it get lost & find its self the hand bad samaritant not onlt c2 but all nokia cell phones.

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