Nokia Asha 302 in the house

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The Asha 302 is one of the most advanced phones in Nokia’s Asha line-up. With a 1GHz processor, claims to Mail for Exchange functionality, Nokia’s new data compressing web browser, and looks that sweep you off your feet, the Asha 302 sounds amazing for a phone that is pegged around N20,000 only.

While you wait for the full review, here are a few pictures to whet your appetite.







Looking classy, right?

PS: Don’t forget that you can place your order from our Phone Store. Send phone name and your location to 08031991363.


  1. I am awaiting the release of the Asha 202 and 203. When last I heard they were supposed to be out now but it’s gone silent.

    Hmm…why does the Asha 302 remind me of a phone I have?

  2. Well. I am not really surprised that a phone with that level of specs would cost that little. Ut is from Nokia, after all.

    Each time i think of the current financial situation, it resonates in y mind the fact that ‘succeeding in business is not all about building the best products @ the best prices’.


  3. quick questions:
    what exactly is mail for exchange and what is special about it?
    What OS does this phone run (or runs this phone?)

  4. @Abimbola – mail for exchange is where you can synch your mail, contacts and diary from your Microsoft Exchange Account (usually from MS Outlook) to your phone. It’s basically getting the identical information in your Microsoft Exchange account on your phone.

    The phone runs S40 (Series 40).

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