Nokia Asha 501 Gets Asha OS 11.1.1 Update

The Asha OS 11.1.1 update for Nokia Asha 501 is here. It is a 6.8 MB size download. Talk of compact. I also have confirmed details of what the update brings to the phone.

Support For WhatsApp & Over 5000 Other Apps

After the update, tap the WhatsApp icon in the apps menu to download the latest version of WhatsApp. Other apps like Line, WeChat and more are available from the Nokia Store.

Usability Improvements

Single-swipe access to camera. Single-touch share to Facebook. Track Facebook comments and likes from Fastlane screen.

Privacy Improvements

Delete items directly from Fastlane and control apps that are seen there.

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support office mails.

Stability & Performance

General improvements for phone stability and performance, alarm tone volume, Wi-Fi connectivity, video streaming, and more.

Do you own a Nokia Asha 501? Go check for your update now. I am currently updating mine and will do a review of the new features as soon as possible.


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