Nokia has launched the Astound on the T-mobile network in the USA, but that is of no direct consequence to us here in Nigeria, of

Nokia Astound launches in US with Symbian OS PR 2.0 features, but…

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Nokia has launched the Astound on the T-mobile network in the USA, but that is of no direct consequence to us here in Nigeria, of course. Except that the Astound – a variant of the sexy C7 – is launching with a new browser, portrait onscreen QWERTY, and split-screen for onscreen text input. Oh, and there’s also SWYPE thrown in for good measure. You know what that means… Or what it should mean.

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Yes; the Astound is launching with features of the much awaited PR2.0 update. So, everything else being equal, C7, N8, and E7 users should be jubilating with the expectation that the much awaited PR2.0 update is round the corner.

But don’t start rejoicing yet; the joke may be on you. You see, Nokia has also announced that the big update that we have been waiting for won’t be available till – wait for it – Summer. We won’t be getting those new features till Summer! That’s late June at the earliest; isn’t it?

Can someone give me a good reason why current Symbian^3 users shouldn’t feel bad about this? PR2.0 is apparently ready. Why should the Astound get it and the rest of the Symbian^3 range not?

  1. Yes, it’s really disappointing. Why should we wait till May/June when the USA’s C7 already gets it? We should have it in 2 weeks max!

    And it’s a shame there’s no mention of the C6-01. I almost pity people who buy it. It hardly ever gets any attention.

  2. I blame Tmobile for this. Operators are found of dong this inorder to sell. Nokia certainly was paid anyway.
    The thing now is that who ever wants to experience the new update will have to get this US branded C7 from Tmobile.

    The good news is that I see this Tmobile phone excaping overseas and getting unlocked and I am sure the update will leak.

  3. Well well well. Nokia now finally measuring up in the UI WARS. Well bring me Symbian ^3 version 2.0/2.1 and I’d jump into the Symbian terrain and make myself a fan. Lol. Not really. But Yomi, Summer isn’t so far away. Be patient. With Elop at the helm in Nokia, I believe that they will keep to their dead-line. If Latest-June Ending is Latest-June Ending, then there is no need to worry. Summer will be around in no time. And perhaps I should then get myself the Symbian ^3 phone that Elop promised not loong ago….

  4. Bosun you said it all, Nokia got paid.
    It might also be Nokia way of getting more sales, cos if they release the update now it won’t matter. With only T-mobile offering it for the next 2 months, the c7 which was reported the least performing Symbian^3 device in terms of sales will get more love *wink*

  5. As it has a Symbian OS and is pretty much close to nokia smartphones like N8, E7, C7, Nokia Astound works with a bunch of apps from Ovi Store. And there’s so many new funny and interesting apps for photo quality like “3DPhotoFree” for reading ebooks like “mbooks” and so on…

  6. Sorry guys
    Symbian is a no go area for me
    Seriously, even Nokia acknowledges the inevitable death of the symbian platform yet they keep pumping phones into the market with newer designs and same old boring specs on a boring platform.
    When windows phone launches, I’ll take a look at nokia, for now android is the way….The world agrees with me too. The latest market report was simply lethal to Nokia.

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