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Gaming smartphones are the rave these days, and Nokia wants a piece of that pie. Most Android these days are being designed to give quite an experience in gaming.

Gaming experts will tell us that not every smartphone can be called a gaming phone. What makes a reliable gaming smartphone? The power of their components, the quality and inch of their screen, the size of their batteries, their support for VR, and more.

The most current gaming smartphone talk is centred around the Samsung Note 9. With screen size of 6.4 inches and a battery of 4000mAh, you are sure to have the maximum gaming experience. It is still leading in the race of gaming smartphone and it is going to be a tough act to beat by any other phone.

But guess who else has joined the race – Samsung’s arch-nemesis, Nokia!

This bit of news was revealed by Nokia Mobile India yesterday in a tweet that contained a clip of 10 seconds. The teaser said, “Stay tuned for a phone you can #game on”. The 10 seconds clip shows some gaming scenarios and an outline of a smartphone with three lights behind it. The tweet has since been deleted.

Can Nokia Give Us The Best Gaming Phone?

Nokia has a history with gaming smartphones. If you have been around a while, you will remember the Nokia Ngage, which we classify as one of Nokia’s weird phones. The Finnish company made two models – N-Gage Classic and N-Gage QD. Neither of them was particularly successful.

But that was a long time ago and it was pioneering efforts. Perhaps they can turn the tide now. Perhaps HMD Global can deliver the best gaming phone of 2018. Perhaps not.

Can Nokia make the best gaming phone?

This tweet suggests that HMD Global have been working on it for some time and almost have it ready. I do hope this is not just hype but the real deal. Surely when it does come out, we would compare to other gaming smartphones out there. We are not expecting anything less than a device that stands among the best.

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