Nokia-branded Android phone on the way?

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Yesterday, rumour-ville had it that another Nokia-branded Android device, this time a smartphone, was in the works. Named C1, the 5-inch display smartphone would supposedly run Android Lollipop, and be powered by an Intel processor and 2GB of RAM. It would have an 8 megapixel front-facing camera and 32 GB of internal storage.

Like the N1 tablet, C1 would run pure Android OS with Nokia’s Z launcher on top. The device would supposedly be manufactured by Foxconn.

Sounded juicy, except that it turned out that the “leak” was a fanboy rendering. It was all made up. Still, perhaps we can play with the idea a little. No harm done; right?

Would you like to see a pure Android OS smartphone from Nokia, and if so, what are the specs you would love to see it have?


  1. considering the fact that the deal with Microsoft means Nokia can’t enter the smartphone market till 2016 those specs would be midrange at best if the device was actually released

  2. A Nokia device running the full android OS with a pureview camera, xenon flash, at least 16GB internal storage and maybe wireless charging and a gigantic battery capacity, would be a very welcome development.

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