It is sad to see one of the greatest companies ever go the way Nokia is going at the moment. Very sad. Still, it is

Nokia cuts jobs, scraps Meltemi, then turns its back on the rest of us

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It is sad to see one of the greatest companies ever go the way Nokia is going at the moment. Very sad. Still, it is the way of this life. I will be brief.

Nokia is not doing well. If I ended there, that wouldn’t be news; would it? No; we all already knew that for over a year now. Here are the real news items:

  1. Nokia to cut 10,000 more jobs
  2. Nokia kills Meltemi – that project to deliver an OS for low-end smartphones
  3. Nokia now to focus on investing more resources into fewer markets: USA, China, UK, other European countries.
  4. Nokia shuts down plants in Canada, Germany and Finland
  5. Nokia sells Vertu
  6. Nokia to make even lower cost Windows Phones

Did you get these news items? Very bad news end-to-end.

Nokia say they are “putting countries into tiers, we’re deliberately focusing more on some markets at the expense of others.” As published above, that focus is on USA, China, UK, other European countries. The rest of us must look elsewhere for excitement and satisfaction. No? No problem.

Nokia say they will be making even much lower cost Windows Phones? What are these guys smoking? The Lumia 610 reviews all over the place emphasise how much limited the device is because Windows Phone was designed for high-power devices to start with. Now, Nokia wants to make cheaper versions of this? Sigh.

Symbian, scrapped.

Maemo/MeeGo, scrapped.

Meltemi, scrapped. Really?

I don’t know what to say anymore. I am so disappointed. So as not to say nasty things, I will end it here, because what I really feel like doing right now is curse up a storm.

Let me just ask, Who has bewitched you, oh Nokia?


  1. Na wa oh! looks like Samsung and Apple are running things now. who would have thought that Nokia would one day start showing cracks.

    Anything is possible shall. if Rim makes a successful comeback with the launch of BB10, Nokia should most definitely be some to do the same

  2. Since I’m not a Nokia fan,the only disturbing news out of all of this is the jobs cuts. Maybe they shld try merging with RIM???

  3. As for me, I made up my mind even before they did. I just need one camera from them and that is all. Whenever I get that camera which of course can equally make phone calls, then I will focus my resources more on either Korea or Taiwan at the expense of Finland.

  4. How are the mighty FALLEN (falling?)

    So as not to say nasty things, I will end it here

    Nokia will eventually go back to its roots – rubber business.

    A dog ALWAYS returns to its vomit (like a rebranded glendaROBOT being convoluted in reasoning – as eva)

    Now I said those nasty things- for Mr Mo!

  5. The very day Nokia announced it was adopting Windows Mobile for its phones, I knew the end was near. Why not android which is free! Nokia had forgotten that it grew its business globally on the back of its cheap low-end phones. How will scrapping symbian and meltemi help maintain its market share when Windows Mobile doesn’t come cheap? Its focus on competing with iphone and blackberry, at d expense of the little guys, is its greatest undoing. The only way I see for Nokia is down!

  6. can someone predict who’s going to take the initiative for the mass market low end smartphones? Samsung? RIM? SONY?

  7. I too said it from the very first day that nokia anounced that its primary smartphone would be windows, i knew that every other os in nokia would die be it symbian or belle. Take it from me, microsoft will buy nokia. Just wait and see.

  8. can someone predict who’s going to take the initiative for the mass market low end smartphones? Samsung? RIM? SONY?

    Samsung has already taken over the low cost market.

  9. Well, i wish them well but why dont they consider andriod OS. I like their hardware and battery life tho.

  10. Just got from google that nokia shares is below $2 a share, even RIM has its share at $10, does this mean nokia will fall before RIM?

  11. I can see that someone is waiting for Nokia shares to hit rock bottom before buying it. Microsoft? A merger elsewhere?

    Never been a Nokia fan from the start (though I’ve owned at least a couple of their phones, neither by choice). the writing was on the wall from as far back as 2006 when Samsung was emerging as a force to be reckoned with. In fact both Samsung and Sony Ericsson were being innovative, the introduction of both the iPhone and Android to the market were beginning to eat away at Nokia’s dominance. And Nokia slept.

    Apple has taken the place of Nokia in terms of innovation and setting the benchmark others aspire to; in this business if you snooze you lose, and very quickly too.

  12. This constant ups and downs in policy by the Nokia management is what I consider more worrisome than whichever platform(s) they choose to adopt. They have been announcing and cancelling platforms/projects for some time now to an unhealthy level and each of these individual announcements continue to take its toll on the remaining loyal fans and developers. It simply doesn’t help the confidence consumers and developers have in the Nokia brand.

    Really looks very much like this thing happening is a carefully written script handed over to a good producer – Elop – to execute. What a pity. I’m not a fan of Nokia but only concerned for the sake of competition which is good for all.

  13. @Harry – I would love to know how much money Nokia invested and lost in all of the “start and stop” projects. Bet that would be an eye-opener.

  14. Eye_bee_kay:

    You are pretending to know technology and yet you cannot buy the latest gadgets. I pity you. You are bitter and hate those people who has the latest flagship phones be it a Lumia 900 or HTC One X. I can afford unlimited fast internet access and the latest tech there is. Please save up so you can buy at least a mid level mobile phone that is from 2012 so you could stop your hating.

    You are hurting deep inside my friend. Your comments here are really dumb and are nonsense.

    You said the N9 was a dumbphone.
    You said that a phone that has no microSD slot is plain stupid (like the 4S, One X, or N9).
    You are attacking those people who buy a Galaxy Note but cannot buy a car.

    I am glad I am not you. I rest my case Mr. Bitter.

  15. And oh, you said that using a Blackberry OS can actually cut data cost when you are streaming music. What a bloody i d i o t !

  16. One of those things that’s difficult to understand is how nokia is going to fare after all of this.

    @Jesse, there is this saying that ‘your perception is your reality’.

    Nokia (or, is it ELOP) obviously belongs to the same confused camp as say, a glendaROBOT.

    Their policy somersaults can only play havoc with their perception in the public eye (specifically their customers and shareholder).

    Unless a miracle happens, I see Nokia being taken over by Microsoft within this year. Then it would be ‘fait accompli’ for Elop.

    The law of accelerating acceleration is already apparent. The more you fail, the more rapidly you descend into failure! This is apparent in glendaROBOT’s increasingly INCREASING rabidity and incoherence, for instance…

  17. Unless a miracle happens, I see Nokia being taken over by Microsoft within this year. Then it would be ‘fait accompli’ for Elop.

    And don’t tell me that your dream of seeing Symbian resuscitated is already caught in this accelerating acceleration. It is a pity really. Maybe, this is the time to go shopping for Symbian devices that would last you a life time as you once proposed.

  18. Eye_bee_kay:

    I am glad to be compared to Elop. Say what you want about the man. He is the CEO of a big company, and you are still using a 5800. Nuff said.

  19. well as a Nokia fan I guess now would be a good time to switch allegiance to maybe the new number 1. Android is the best replacement for symbian at the moment. It’s got most of the good things that symbian had.

    NOKIA it’s been a nice love affair with you

  20. @Glenda You’ll be surprised what EyeBeeKay is up to and what he has up his sleeves. He may have already moved past the 5800!

    However, I still want you to know that I am your fan. 😀

    About Nokia, I think Elop’s Policy is idiotic. I just pray for the Pureview to become available before Noka folds. One thing that is certain is That Nokia is careening down the hill at a breakneck pace. A mobile giant is dying. No more number One or two in smartphone sales.

    Lord have Mercy!

  21. Afewgoodmen:

    I have nothing personal against anyone who posts their comments on this site. I just want to keep it real. EyeBeeKay’s comments are often nuts I tell you. I would be very happy if he would replace his 5800 with a capable, modern smartphone. Then I can assure you, he would stop this sourgraping.

  22. ….stop this sourgraping…

    {.. SourGraping…}

    ….Checking ‘EyeBeeKay dictionary’….

    (++ Not found ++)

    CONCLUSION : meaningless rambling….

  23. @Afewgoodmen – I would be concerned about support for the PureView whether Nokia folds or not. I would hate to see it become another N9.

  24. Nokia was my first love. When Sendo came and gave us Sendo X, a symbian modelled after a nokia for rock bottom price, nokia killed Sendo. That didnt go down well with mebut for want of a smartphone i continued with nokia. Jumping off their platform into a shark infested icy waters rather than putting off the fire on their platform was the last straw for me.

    What goes up must come down. Nokia, RIM, Windows Mobile, palm, all muzt give way to progress. Even iOS has reached the peak and must fight

  25. EyeBeeKay:

    Please do not check your dictionary. You would not find it there. You probably have an old, obsolete dictionary. Just like your phone. Language evolves, and as I can see on your posts, you do not possess a great proficiency in the English language IMHO. Again your post show you how intelligent you are.

  26. {.. glendaROBOT…}

    ….Checking RoboticDictopnary

    ( found )

    Synonym: TurboGlendz

    MEANING : a confused, incoherent, USELESS distraction to Mobility_Society;

    Destined for ineluctable ignomimy

    (: language really DOES evolve. Hmm 🙂

  27. Abeg, EyeBeekay, leave my idol, Glenda alone. She adds some wit to this site!

    ” I would be very happy if he would replace his 5800 with a capable, modern smartphone. Then I can assure you, he would stop this sourgraping.”

    So, EyeBeekay, why don’t you just get a modern smartphone like an iPhone or an Android or a Nokia Belle Device, so that Glenda could leave you alone?

    Just saying. 😉

  28. Afewgoodmen:

    I have no problem with EyeBeeKay and his 5800. What bothers me is that he tries to talk smack about other phones and platforms as if his 5800 is a perfect device. I have a problem with these types of people. Thus the term “sourgraping.” Also, he comments like an intellectual person without even understanding or reading the article. For him, what works for him is the best and others are just “plain stupid.” See his comments about the lack or microSD card slot. That is not the way it works.

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