The last Star Lord we knew messed things up at a critical moment in Avengers: EndGame. The Nokia DareDevil is here with a gimmicky camera layout, but we aren’t excited.

Nokia DareDevil or Star Lord with 48MP triple camera: Who cares?

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The last Star Lord we knew messed things up at a critical moment in Avengers: EndGame. The Nokia DareDevil is here with a gimmicky camera layout, but we aren’t excited. Rumours say this is the Nokia 5.2 or Nokia 7.2.

After running into leaked images of a Nokia smartphone with a distinct camera layout and sharing one of the images on socila media, we waited in anticipation of how mobile lovers would respond. The phone has the code name Nokia DareDevil (or Star Lord) and has three lenses, arranged in a square format inside a circular module on the back. Cool? Crazy? Certainly interesting.

The first response we got on Facebook was from Salami Yemko , and it was short: “I suggest Nokia should rest now.”

And the Church says Amen. Nokia needs to to rest from all of these games around cameras. We waited 2 years for the Nokia 9 PureView….with excitement…leaked picture after picture…leaked specs….rumoured launches. It turned out that all of that excitement and hype was for a fancy camera that didn’t even meet up with the ones we already had on the flagship phones in our hands.

The world’s first penta-camera. Unique lens array. Bla-bla. And the Nokia 9 PureView quickly faded into obscurity faster than anyone could have imagined. The reviews we have seen are so uninspiring and disappointing it is almost unbelievable.

Nokia DareDevil Star Lord triple camera array
Here is the Nokia DareDevil’s interesting camera layout

Nokia kept the wheels spinning for 2 years just for that? I mean, the brand’s budget and entry-level phones are selling way better than the Nokia 9 PureView ever dreamed of. Nobody who is worth their salt in mobile phones is paying the phone any further serious attention.

Let’s look at a few conclusions about the Nokia 9 PureView from three other review sites.

From GSMArena:’s like HMD was afraid of that and pitched the Nokia 9 PureView as a limited edition phone.

And this is probably the best decision HMD has made about this phone. Because it won’t pay off, let alone put the company on the way to glory. The Nokia 9 camera system has either been implemented very poorly or bound to become obsolete even before it’s become mainstream.

The image quality by the Nokia 9’s automatic processing is anything but groundbreaking. In fact, it’s quite behind compared to what the current and even last year’s flagship phones can do with one camera and multi-image stacking. And don’t get us started on the low-light image quality or the video quality in general.


From AndroidCentral:

Lots of potential and a wasted opportunity.

The Nokia 9 is a beautiful smartphone with a lot going for it, but its potential is overshadowed by poor implementation of the camera and in-display fingerprint sensor.

Lastly, from TechRadar:

The Nokia 9 PureView is ambitious about mobile photography, and commendably packs five rear cameras that combine shots into a single image. But the resulting photos don’t quite outclass those in pricier flagships, and the rest of the phone’s features are middling, leaving it more a niche device for consumers who want a less-expensive camera-focused solution.

All of that hype for two years just to end up with this? Look, the triple camera and the tray on the back of the Nokia DareDevil is intriguing, but I am unexcited about it. We have seen this happen again and again. A lot of hot air and little substance to match it.

Is the Nokia Daredevil the Nokia 5.2?
The chin of the Nokia DareDevil. Is this the Nokia 5.2?

I agree with Salami Yemko: Nokia should rest now, please and just keep churning out solid entry-level and budget phones. And even those, they are solid phones, but they do cost and arm and a leg when compared with what the competition offers.

Until we see something that really delivers, all of these camera gimmicks are just that – gimmicks. We couldn’t care.

Nokia Daredevil triple camera array

What are the specs of the Nokia DareDevil or Star Lord (Nokia 5.2 or Nokia 7.2)?

Here are some key spces that we have of this rumoured Nokia 5.2 smartphone:

  • Triple camera with a 48MP ZEISS lens and super-wide angle lens, with support for Night Mode
  • Snapdragon 660 chipset
  • 3,500mAh battery.

The triple cameras enclosed inside a round-shaped module includes a 48-megapixel ZEISS lens and a superwide sensor. The smartphone will carry support for Night Mode. As of this writing, there is no information available on the launch date and pricing of the Nokia 5.2 smartphone.

We honestly couldn’t care about the triple camera layout at the back. We couldn’t care about it having a 48MP main lens. We couldn’t care about any of those right now. We have been down that road and got our fingers burnt. We really couldn’t care if this Star Lord breathes fire from its chin. Pfft.

If you want a smartphone that runs stock Android OS, has a solid build, and will deliver guaranteed software updates for two years, get a Nokia smartphone. That is the selling point. Forget the other gimmicks.

We will keep our eyes and ears open for more details of the Nokia DareDevil (or Star Lord) though and see whether it makes it into a the market. But, honestly, HMD Global and Nokia Mobile need to rest from the camera gimmicks.

Unless this Star Lord can be a real Nokia DareDevil and surprise us.

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  1. For me, i don’t believe in this multiple cameras in a phone, that is just gain attention from the people. A smartphone with a single and decent camera is okay by me. What the phone camera deliver is all that matters, not some kind of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 cameras at the back of a phone.

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