Nokia Devices and Services becomes Microsoft Mobile

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Microsoft Mobile

This is nothing huge. You should have been expecting it. When the Nokia Devices and Services acquisition by Microsoft is completed later this month, it will take on a new name: Microsoft Mobile. If they had chosen a different name, I would have been surprised. Microsoft Mobile is simple, short enough and reflects the nature of the business.

Source? Nokia Power User got wind of a letter that Nokia sent out to their suppliers notifying them of the name change. Here is the link: Nokia Oyj to become Microsoft Mobile Oy, Nokia to retain its suppliers base post the deal?

Don’t forget that Nokia Corporation continues to exist, as it has other divisions, namely: Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), HERE Maps, and their Advanced Technology unit. I am still wondering what branding we will be seeing on those new smartphones that will be hitting the shelves after the acquisition is complete – “Microsoft”?

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