The Nokia E5 is a candybar QWERTY smartphone running Symbian S60 3rd Edition. This pictorial review presents shots of the hardware of the device. From

Nokia E5 Hardware

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The Nokia E5 is a candybar QWERTY smartphone running Symbian S60 3rd Edition. This pictorial review presents shots of the hardware of the device.

From Nokia E5 Hardware, posted by Yomi Adegboye on 8/19/2010 (6 items)

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While predominantly plastic, with touches of metal here and there, the E5 hardware seems well built and feels comfortable in the hand. One handed use is pleasant. Everything packed into the comfy size of the E5 is a miracle if you remember how big the E61 and E61i were years back. Here’s a picture from my archives (E61i on the left; E61 on the right):
Dad Camera 030

One thing is sure, those two ancestors were built like tanks compared to the E5.


  1. I think my next nokia phone is going to be the e5. I still use my E61, and one reason I don’t want to let go is the screen size. The screen sizes of the E71, E72 are too small for my liking.

  2. I prefer any good nokia phone with a big screen and a slide out qwerty keypad which meets or beats the specs of the E5. What impresses me about the e5 compared with the e72 is the ram available after bootup.

  3. I love this phone,.wish it waz running d symbian 5th edition OS..wait a minute,is there any E’series phone running the 5th edition OS?? just curious..wud make it ma nxt phone anyway!!!

  4. Kay123,

    E5 – 115.0 x 58.9 x 12.8 mm
    E63 – 113.0 x 59.0 x 13.0 mm

    E63 is shorter, but also wider and thicker.

  5. I recently got this phone and i really like it. Unfortunately, it seems my push-mail is not working, as a matter of fact, i can’t get to download my emails manually.

    Please what can i do?


    Best Regards

  6. adeniyi,

    You must have got the email settings wrong. Take a look at my guide about Email on your Phone and follow the tips in setting up your mail. If you have any further issues, post the settings that you used (all of them, minus your password of course) under that article and the error/s that you got, so I can take a look.

  7. @ adeniyi, go to and down load system seven push email. It pushes email to your phone just like blackberry. I have being using it for a while now. You can register multiple email addresses. A note of caution, while installing it, alter your message center number as it sends an international sms when adding email accounts. I will write a review about it for possible publication by yomi.

  8. Emoze is a better application for pushing mails.
    I’ve tried seven but i prefer emoze .

  9. @ kay123, I have used both and I can say that seven is head and shoulders above emoze in terms of bandwidth consumption and battery life. Besides more network operators and handset manufacturers are partnering with seven.

  10. Seven does not notify me of new mails. No on screen notification, does not beep. Maybe I need to learn more about the settings.

  11. I am not a fan of Hardware keyboard. But the Nokia E55 with its sparse yet cool design and nice price factor has got me mouth watering. I gotta have it!!

  12. @ kay123
    If you are using a nokia device, on profiles check if the email alert tone has any tone there. I use a nokia device with seven and I have never missed an email in seven months. When I get an email, I hear the tone I have already set and the @ symbol appears on the top right corner of the screen.

  13. @keweno
    I seriously support u, i just wonder why the screen size for E-Series are getting smaller. I really love the E61i for the screen and steel.

    When i first haerd about E63, i thought it was going to be an E61i update(screen and steel) but i was wrong. E5 is better than e63.

    Impressed about the 256RAM.looks like Nokia is no more stingy with Rams.

    And for the records Seven allows u to add multiple emails but Emoze will want u to pay for such.

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