Nokia E63- First Impressions

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nokia-e631The Nokia E63 is the more affordable cousin of the E71. I picked up a unit today and decided to present my first impressions of this budget smartphone.

Unboxing the device quickly revealed why the phone is relatively inexpensive. In order to make it affordable, several essentials that we have come to expect in the sales package of Nokia’s smartphones – especially their enterprise devices – are conspicuously missing.

Missing in Action

First on the list is the software CD usually included in the sales package of Nokia’s smartphones. Now this came as a shock to me. Because this was the last thing I expected would be thrown out of the sales package. In case you don’t already have Nokia PC suite installed on your PC and you are considering buying the E63, you might need to borrow from someone else who has a copy.

Secondly, the USB data cable is also missing. In 2009, this is unforgivable, but then what do you expect from a smartphone in that price bracket? Something definitely got to give. Sigh!

Everything about the E63 is geared towards cost reduction. Everything. The top grade material used for the E71 was abandoned for a cheaper plasticky material. The E63’s casing is all plastic.

Continuing this cheap theme, there’s no volume key and no dedicated camera key.

Okay. Okay. This is not supposed to be a full fledged review of the phone. That will come after I have had enough time to playing with it.

Watch this space for the full review and possibly a comparative review between it and the E71.

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