The Nokia E7 Communicator is a 4-inch display, slider QWERTY smartphone that runs the latest iteration of Symbian. At first glance, it looks just like

Nokia E7 Communicator: First Impressions

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The Nokia E7 Communicator is a 4-inch display, slider QWERTY smartphone that runs the latest iteration of Symbian. At first glance, it looks just like any other slab device, featuring prominently the awesome ClearBlack AMOLED display. The display is made of Gorilla Glass too – meaning that it is scratch-proof.

IMG 1346

That display is really good. It delivers clear images and bright colours, and blacks are as black as they can get. True to Nokia form, sunlight legibility is excellent (see the comparison shot below in bright sunlight).

IMG 1333

Just after you have been dazzled by the display (you should watch a movie on it to get the idea), you notice that this is not just a slab, but a device that is capable of pulling a small “transformers” trick. There is a slider QWERTY keyboard in there.

IMG 1350

The aluminium casing oozes class all the way already, but when you push the display to open up the device into laptop mode, the beautiful slider mechanism takes over and you are delighted at the buttery smooth manner in which the sliding takes place.

e7 perspective

And that keyboard – I have been typing away on it for days, churning out article after article, email after email, and it just is top-notch. It has been a while since I had a Nokia E90, so any comparisons I make now are likely to be subjective. However, let it be said that this keyboard rocks. It feels and works fine. More on that during one of my more detailed reviews coming up later.

IMG 1351

The back of the E7 is almost plain, save for the camera and speaker slots. Again, its classy all the way, something that no business user, especially top executives, will complain about.

Of course, everywhere I have gone with the Nokia E7, it has never failed to get the attention that such quality build deserves.

IMG 1354

I have had the Nokia E7 for some days now, and I am putting it through its paces. This thing’s size is a miracle, considering the solid QWERTY keyboard and all the goodies that are packed in it.

It is familiar territory for me, as I have used its older brother, the N8, extensively till date. But – and a big “but” for that matter – the large and solid 4-inch display makes everything look better. Plus, the robust keyboard simply transforms what the N8 is at heart into a more powerful mobile work tool.

I will be going into details as I review different parts of the Nokia E7. Trust me, the E7 will have to go through the same grill as others before it have, and then you can make up your mind whther or not it is the device for you.

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  1. I’ve never doubted the ergonomics of the E7. I know it will be a beauty to behold.

    Eagerly awaiting the review about the email and office editing.

  2. Yes, that is what I lkeyboard.SmartPhone! Good stellar materials. Chick looks and feel. And do not forget too: The wow factor. The Nokia E7 has all these and has my blessings’

    However, I cannot rationalize why Nokia decided to fit in a fixed focus lense in this phone. And also downgraded the snapper to 8Megapixels.

    Nevertheless, I still can’t wait for the review. Just maybe this may be the Smartphone that will make me embrace a PHONE with a hardware keyboard. Than the touch-screen only Symbian 3 devices that I have played with so far!

  3. some typos above. sorry for it! I’m definately not in love with the Symbian browser. I hope the E7 browser will have a marked improvement.

  4. It’s still the same crappy Browser. I haven’t used it in weeks. There’s videos online about the new browser coming in PR2.0. Till then, it’s Opera Mini & Mobile all the way….

  5. Easy Yomi. You are making the N8 feel like a grandpa already. I was just about completing my savings for the N8, now I don’t know if I should just wait and save more for the E7!

  6. jopancy,

    I hear you, my brother.

    The N8 is certinly nowhere close to being dated. The E7 is actually not a replacement for the N8; its for a different class of user.

    Which of the two you should spend on? Hang around for my reviews and my final verdict.


  7. Phone of my dream at last. 4inch display, hardware qwerty keyboard and a slim body all wrapped in one sweet device. Android, iphone, bada, and blackberry could have the back seat.

    Yum yum! Can’t wait to set my hands on this baby. The wife will roasther.dalive for this but i’ll make it up for her.

  8. spacyzuma,

    Crappy browser? Far from it. This browser is top-notch in terms of functionality. Sure, it is let down in the UI department, but this browser has yet to let me down in years of use.

    I have used the built-in browser on every Symbian device that I have owned without issues – E61, E61i, 9500, E75, E90, N8, and now the E7. I always find the Symbian browser more than capable for my needs. I have not found myself wanting to throw those devices at a wall because of the browser. That’s what I feel like doing when something is crappy 😀

  9. <>

    Hee hee heeee !!!

    We are quite similar on that muderous trait!

    I once twisted the neck of a Nokia 3250 I once owned! Literally.
    I then buried it in a refuse bin. Out of sight, out of mind!

  10. ‘Laptop Mode’ I really love that, and check out the ‘ctrl’ key.

    Cant wait to lay my hands on mine.

  11. Yomi, sorry for going off point, but there’s someone called SPARKY posting spam messages in the forum about passing WASSCE and SSCE. He posted in several threads.

  12. every effort must be made to maintain the dichotomy btw the N series&the E series.

  13. can’t wait to try out the Nokia sure it won’t let me down, buh 1st i still have to try out the Nokia rocking the Nokia N900 right now, Honestly no regrets..

    still keeping an eye on this review, cheers!

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