Nokia E7 gets updated to version 14.002 (PR 1.1)

The Nokia E7 Communicator is not officially available in Nigeria yet, but it is already getting some update love from Nokia. I connected my device to a PC at work today and PC Suite notified me of two available updates:

  1. An E7 device update (from 13.016 (PR 1.0) to 14.002 (PR 1.1)
  2. Ovi Maps update

Nokia E7 gets updated to version 14.002 (PR 1.1) 1

New features that this update brings to the E7 include:

  • Improved features and performances
  • Updated applications
  • Better stability

Nokia E7 gets updated to version 14.002 (PR 1.1) 2

Hopefully, this update means that the big one that Symbian fans have been expecting, PR2.0, is not too far off. I want that new browser like yesterday.

Oh, by the way, I didn’t proceed with the update via PC, as I prefer the OTA method. I’ll wait till my E7 prompts me to update and then get it done.


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  2. Well, you could go to SW_Update and do it.

    I didn’t wait for the N8 to prompt me when the PR1.1 update was released. As soon as I heard of it online, I updated it.

  3. Attahiru,

    I’m using a Nokia E7 right now, and I can tell you that your comment above is a pile of crap. You haven’t used one; I have. You simply don’t know what you are talking about.

    The E7 is simply a superb device and it runs rings around most of the competition.

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