Nokia E7 – the alpha business smartphone

Have you heard about Nokia’s latest smartphone, the Nokia E7? Well this wonder of a phone gives users the confidence to bring their own smartphones to the workplace to connect securely to corporate messaging servers. And whats more, whether you are an artist, entrepreneur, university student or aspiring world traveller, the Nokia E7 is the only smartphone you will need to get the world’s best mobile navigation and have an exciting messaging experience.”

Yomi Adegboye is managing Director of a leading webhost in Nigeria, as well as editor of the Mobility Nigeria website. He has had the E7 for a month now. Yomi has this to say:

Staying on top of my mails, both generic and Mail for Exchange, on the E7 is a breeze. My contacts and calendar items are synchronised seamlessly. Selected Facebook and Twitter contacts are kept in sync as well.

The E7 helps me get my job done both in the office and when I am out and about. Managing my business on the go and staying in constant touch has never been easier. Also, when I am on the road, Ovi Maps is a huge plus in finding my way around. Plus, this is one smartphone that doesn’t die on me halfway into a busy day or road trip.

Pre-order in Nigeria

Residents of Nigeria can now pre-order a copy of the E7 through or

Win a Nokia E7!

Don’t forget that you can win a free Nokia E7 on this blog. All you need to do is tell us the most creative thing you have ever done with your Nokia phone.

The winning entry will be selected by a joint decision of Nokia West Africa and Mobility Nigeria. So, start posting away!


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