This morning, Yomi received a call from Nokia. They had a Nokia E7 for him to pick up, making him one of the very first

Nokia E7 Un-boxing

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This morning, Yomi received a call from Nokia. They had a Nokia E7 for him to pick up, making him one of the very first individuals to own that device in the country.

I drove down to Nokia’s Victoria Island office to pick up the device, and it is now here at Mobility Nigeria “towers”. Here are pictures from the unboxing done by yours truly (as Yomi is on holiday). Enjoy.

e7 dayo

Front cover of the E7 sales box
The back of the E7 sales box - lovely!


e7 accessories

The E7 sales pack contains:

  • the Nokia E7 Communicator
  • charger
  • headset
  • manual
  • USB data cable
  • USB-on-the-go adapter
  • male miniHDMI to female standard HDMI adapter

The E7 is a Symbian device very much after the mold of the N8. They look similar, with some distinct differences. Once I picked it up, I immediately noticed the difference in size and weight (the E7 is slightly bigger). However, for a device with a slide-out keyboard, it is not so thick or bulky.

The silver colour gives off a feeling of class. The hardware QWERTY looks sexy. The impression I get is that typing will be a breeze on it, seeing that the keys are well spaced and have a good feel.

The sliding mechanism is smooth: you push to initiate the opening and the spring mechanism completes the action.

In closing, here are the major advantages of the Nokia E7 over the N8:

  1. Larger (4.0-inch) and better ClearBlack AMOLED display
  2. Superb hardware QWERTY keyboard
  3. Torchlight functionality
  4. Microsoft Office Communicator Suite

Yomi will be bringing us more detailed information in his usual multi-part reviews. Knowing him, I am betting that he will be drowned in ecstacy when this package gets to him. Ladies and gentlemen – the Nokia E7 Communicator.

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  1. BRAVO.

    I was just ranting about when it will be available in Nigeria.

    Bring it on.

    The ultimate Communicator and possibly my last Symbian Device

    Many Thanks to Nokia, with this I am sure we wont miss out on Nokia WP7 phones too.

  2. definately, I was already saving for the device. After handling the nokia n8 and missing a QWERTY key pad, I imagined the E7, never know nokia had it coming.

    Lets see who wins out, would it be the N8 or the E7?

    A pre-order via mobility would be a big ((((bang)))) too. 😀

  3. For the business-minded person, like Yomi, the E7 is an obvious choice. Physical keyboard, larger display with deeper blacks and better sunlight-legibility are the 2 main advantages over the N8.

    For the pleasure-oriented person, like myself, the N8 is better. Memory Card slot [missing in the E7], allows me to transfer large files easily between phones [I rarely carry the USB OTG cable with me]. Though 8MP is great for any camera phone, the E7 lacks autofocus. The E7 also lacks an FM Transmitter. The N8 will definitely have better battery life due to its smaller screen.

    Having read several reviews of the E7 already [,, etc], I have to say that I would still pick the N8 over the E7.

  4. @spacyzuma

    A larger screen, a qwerty pad etc.. And you can still talk about preferring N8? Definitely, E7 is the only way to go.

    Well… as they say “one man’s meat….”

  5. Yes, the last big boy of the Symbian platform.
    Also might be my last symbian device esp as Andrion stays ahead of it on intenet surfing.
    Thats why I buy a smart phone. Laptop is too big already

  6. my maths tells me that adiagonal screen size of 4° translates to squareRoot of 8- I.e 2.8′ (assuming equal length and breadth).

    With that kind of screen size, the hardware keyboard would be superfluous for me.
    Unnecessary weight and bulk!

    Maybe it is high time for phone manufacturers to start making phones with detachable / attachable hardware keyboard….

  7. @EyeBeeKay

    I don’t quite agree with you here. I use S.E. Xperia 10 with a 4inch screen and still wish it had a qwerty hardware keyboard. When more than half of your 4inch screen is covered with virtual keyboard in the horizontal and you have only 2 lines of difficult to edit texts, you’ll wish for the hardware keyboard.

    The attachable/detachable keyboard idea is ingenious. I wonder why they never thought of it.

  8. Smart guys. There know that MN is widely read and giving Yomi a unit (for review or keeps) is one sure way to create awareness about the E7. Yomi has paid his dues in the industry and deserves it. #fact.

  9. @DeolaDoctor >>When more than half of your 4inch screen is covered with virtual keyboard

    You have a point there!

    Maybe slide-out keyboards can have the virtual variant (rather than hardware).
    That way, there its reduced bulk, and greater use is made of the whole display screen…


  10. I really really like this phone but I already have a Blackberry Style. But great review though!

    Question: Which do you think is more popular in Nigeria: Blackberry or Nokia?

  11. @spacyzuma

    These are the fears I earlier had with the E7 and the solutions/findings available

    Does it have FM transmitter and can it play DivX and XviD video out of the box?
    Based on the review from GSMArena the E7 has an FM transmitter and it can play DivX and XviD video out of the box (Yomi, Kindly confirm)

    Will it come with those two cables too like N8?
    It comes with those two lovely cables and they sure fit into my jeans and suit

    How do I deal with the fixed focus?
    Nokia says the fixed focus is special; it is more like full focus

    Is there really no Micro USB
    I am not happy about this, well I will have to carry the cable around, but come to think about it, it has 16GB internal memory. Anyway, I will still buy a portable 32GB flash drive (which is cheaper)

    Same battery with N8 on a bigger screen
    Nokia says clear Black saves more power.

    The E7 is the phone for me, but I am not really happy I didn’t buy the N8; it still remains the best camera Smart phone.

  12. Guys give Yomi a break. He has paid his dues.Only God knows how much he has invested in phones.Try as we all may, we cannot keep up with him.I think he deserves to be given every new phone he reviews for keeps haven gone this far.Nokia seem to be the only ones doing this(i may be wrong) Calling on other smartphone manufacturers to wake up and tap in.This is Niger and not the rest of the world.Its the one we know and have heard of we patronize and not the other way round!.

  13. @Yomi/dayo

    Looks like the E7 does not have the normal charging pin, it uses the micro usb port. Based on this I dont think one can charge the device while using other USB devices.

    Pls confirm

  14. spacyzuma, thanks for your comments.
    guys guys, i womder why one would head to head compare a multimedia power house like the n8 to a business e7.even nokia knows the difference

  15. HHNNMMM….. for Nokia E7….hhnnnmmm.. i’ll pass…. awaiting their Windows Phone 7 line up!!! with my experience on android… i dont think any symbian os can buy me over…..when their WP7 devices start rolling in, poke me then. ah ah ah!!

  16. bosun99uk,

    Yup; no standard charging port. Charging can be done only via USB, and there’s USB charging while connected to PC too, so it charges while you run other tasks.

  17. belushi,

    A case of different strokes for different folks. In the last several months, I have tried out a number of Android devices, and while they are okay, I kept returning to the N8 every single time. I have an iPhone 3GS running iOS4 but find tha) it has )ven lesser appeal for me than the Android devices that I have used, not to mention the N8.)

    I recently purchased a Desire HD (recently auctioned off), but after a few days, I went back to the N8. The N8 just seemed to run rings round every other device that I have tried out. The E7 takes it to another level with the larger display and superb keyboard. This 4-inch display simply makes everything look better.

    When WP, Android, and iOS grow up like Symbian, they’ll become credible alternatives for my needs. For now, Symbian is what cuts it for me, and I appreciate that its different for you and some others out there. Variety is the spice of life.

  18. Does the E7 support USB hub?

    If no, I am sure there will be a way to use it on the E7.

    1GHZ Symbian news is great.

  19. My issues with symbian ain’t that much but important to me. One of such reasons for running away from symbian phones back then and embracing sonyerricsson was because of the quality of music. The sound that those sonyericsson phones churn out then with their megabass was awesome compared to nokia. I love my music and I can’t compromise the quality I get from those fantastic ear plugs from sonyericsson ‘w’ series then. We all know the power of Sony in sound production…so I think that was what gave them the advantage in their phones….and ofcourse stole my heart. This I also noticed is available on HTC phones as a result of their sense ui. Their music sounds are filtered and with megabass. The recent symbian devices I have tried are yet to come near this very very important level of sound output for me. More than often its seems nokia targets loudness instead of sound quality. Even my sgs is not providing the satisfaction I get using sonyericsson phones or my former HTC but I as able to download poweramp app which provides above average quality ofciurseourse far ahead of symbian. With other goodies on sgs….I can let that pass.

  20. belushi,

    Interesting. But really, Nokia’s N-series devices pump out some of the best audio quality. The SE earphones were what made the greatest difference because output via the loudspeakers don’t seem to match what obtains on Nokia N-series.

  21. Eseries are great for business, Nseries for multimedia.
    It all depends on your priority…
    But please do not compare the sound output of SonyEricsson with that of Nokia (I use N900 and Xperia). Just make a review telling us its specs and what new things it can do, then let people make their choice. I am not keen on the E7 if WP7 is on its way in September… I will simply wait.

  22. Jshama,

    Go get an N8 to compare with audio quality on the Xperia (which of them?), and if using headsets, be sure to use the same headset for the test.

    Trust me, there are Nokia devices that produce better audio quality than SE devices (and vice versa too, by the way). As far as audio quality is concerned, those who have done critical testing swear that the contest is between the Nokia N8 and iPhone 4. I have used both the N900 and N8, and in terms of audio quality the N900 pales beside the N8.

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