Specs sheet in brief:. S60 third edition FP1 user interface. Full QWERTY keyboard. Quad-band GSM, 3G with HSDPA. Bluetooth, infra-red, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity all

Nokia E71 Review: Hardware

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Specs sheet in brief:
. S60 third edition FP1 user interface
. Full QWERTY keyboard
. Quad-band GSM, 3G with HSDPA
. Bluetooth, infra-red, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity all on board.
. 3.2 megapixel camera, with QVGA video recording at 15fps.
. Built in English dictionary
. Office suite, both viewing and editing.
. FM Radio and many more goodies.


The Nokia E71 is an eye-catcher any day. Whip it out and watch it draw attention instantly. I’ve had the E71 for close to three months now, and it hasn’t stopped having the same effect on people each time I pull it out.

The E71 is a beautifully and well-designed handset for a business-minded device. It is a complete departure from the boring and ugly designs we’ve been used to in the name of business focused devices. The stainless steel material that make up the most part of the body of the device gives it a touch of class. The impression people get upon seeing it for the first time is, “This has to be a very expensive phone“.


e71 e61


The Nokia E71 is a bar shaped QWERTY thumb board device, continuing the design tradition of both the E61 and E61i, albeit smaller, sleeker and sexier than its older siblings. The size of the E71 is 114x57x10 mm and weighs 127g.


The E71 is sturdy and very pocket friendly. The front panel houses the 2.35-inch screen, the QWERTY thumb board, and front camera for video calling. The left-hand side houses the infra-red port, microSD memory card slot and microUSB connector. On the right-hand side you will find a 2.5 mm audio jack, the volume rocker key and the voice button. At the bottom of the device is a charger socket and a lanyard eyelet, while the top of the device handles the power button and the speaker grill. Finally, at the back is a 3.2 megapixel camera complete with LED flash.

The E71 comes in two colour variants: Grey steel and white steel.


I am very impressed with the build quality and stunning design of the E71. In the second leg of this review, I will look at the software side of this device.


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