Nokia E71 Review (software)

Posted by Dayo Olutunfese

Software wise, the Nokia E71 is powered by Symbian s60 third edition, feature pack 1. The implementation of the symbian OS on the E71 is very robust and brings in some new innovations to the s60 platform.

First up, you can access your contacts, make calls and send SMS straight from the stanby screen. This is as intuitive as it can get. The contacts, messaging and the calendar environments have also been tweaked a bit to make it easier to use these features.

Another thing that should interest the business user is the dictionary that comes pre-installed on the E71. While this is not an advanced dictionary, it should be sufficient for most users.

Then there’s the novel switch feature that allows the user to create two different environments that can be switched at will. The two environments will have different sets of applications. For example, one environment may be configured to have business applications, while the other features applications for entertainment.

Finally, the rest of the applications on the E71 are pretty much standard for s60 and should not be strange for those who are already familiar with the platform.