Nokia E75 QWERTY Slider Now Available In Nigeria

Posted by Mister Mobility

I am not particularly a fan of the Symbian s60 v3-powered Nokia E75 QWERTY slider. So far as I can see, it is a new phone with dated specifications and runs on a dated OS. Sorry Nokia.

Dayo seems to be more compassionate towards the E75. But chalk that up to the fact that he hasn’t got an E90 (a proper communicator), so he can’t tell what a fake looks like. Yes; I’m beefing….

But for the benefit of those who can’t wait to get their hands on it, the Nokia E75 QWERTY Slider is now available in Nigeria, and is selling for around N90, 000 (you can order a piece directly from the Mobility Nigeria phone store and it’ll be delivered to you free; call 08084391076). And if trends over time is anything to go by, it should cost significantly more at the Nokia Store at VI.

Interestingly, the older and certainly original Nokia E90 (probably the last of the communicator clan) costs between N5, 000 and N10, 000 more, and you’ll get a better QWERTY keyboard, more internal memory, and a much better camera (never mind the 3-megapixel count on the E75). Yes; I’m beefing some more…

This claim that the E75 is a decendant of the Communicator family is a joke. Right? Right? Someone please tell me its a joke….

Okay, back to topic, if you want a much slimmer and pocketable device than a 2-year old brick-like communicator, and want to also be able to brag that you use a 2009 device, call 08084391076 right away to place your order and you’ll soon become an object of envy by friends and foes alike. The “Transformers” factor as you switch from candy-bar mode to slide-out QWERTY mode will help too.


  1. Quit beefing! This is the slimmest side-slider smartphone ever released, something HTC (masters of the side-slider form factor) cannot beat soon.

    Dated specs and OS? Give me a break, this is E series, man.

    My only beef (yes, I have one) is the 2.4 screen. Nokia should have sacrificed the numeric keypad for extra display.

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