For a device that was released in June 2007, this would look like a late – and probably unnecessary – review. That may apply if

Nokia E90 Review – Still the All-round Champion?

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For a device that was released in June 2007, this would look like a late – and probably unnecessary – review. That may apply if we were putting the spotlight on any other less capable mobile device. Not so the E90. Better late than never. Here’s my Nokia E90 review.

What is really amazing is that almost two years after release, and it is my informed opinion that very few devices released in that space of time are as well-rounded and offer as much value for money as this one, making the E90 the undisputed the king of the pack.

Nokia E90 (left) beside its predecessor, the Nokia 9500
Nokia E90 (left) beside its predecessor, the Nokia 9500

Business First

Business-wise, the E90 stands tall with an 800 x 352 pixel, 4.0 inch display and full QWERTY keyboard when opened up, and looking every bit like the mini-laptop that it is.

This screen and keyboard combination alone makes the E90 a formidable business device. Reading and editing of text is a breeze. Then throw in the built-in Office documents editor, note application and PDF reader, and the mobile office is almost complete.

Don’t forget the built-in calendar, calculator, and converter, among other useful tools.


The E90 has got it all: infrared, bluetooth 2.0, and USB 2.0 for local connectivity. Need to hook up to the network, and there’s Wi-fi, GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA (up to 3.6mbps).

The built-in browser handles virtually everything thrown at it nicely: Ajax, javascript, embedded videos, secure sites, desktop layouts, mobile layouts – almost everything. Then add the excellent multi-tab functionality and you are in internet heaven.

Managing your blog, webhosting account, internet banking account, youtube account, or whatever else you may manage on the web is a breeze on the built-in webkit-based browser.

Watching an embedded video on the built-in browser
Watching an embedded video on the built-in browser

Got Time for Mobile Entertainment?

Don’t be fooled by the E90’s sales pitch as a business device. Very few devices hold a candle to it media-wise. The loudspeaker is very load, still beating that of many other devices touted as media-focused, and the E90 plays a wide range of audio formats.

Video on the E90 is beautiful, thanks to the gorgeous widescreen internal display. Plus Youtube videos can be watched directly in the built-in browser.

The camera on the E90, while a mere 3.2 megapixel with flash and auto-focus, is very good, and produces excellent shorts just a step behind that of the legendary N95 in quality. Video recording is right on par with the N95 (which still holds its own too till today).

Multi-tasking Power

With the huge RAM and capable processor, multi-tasking is taken for granted and the user can work with multiple applications running in the background.

On a normal day, I have my instant messaging app, notes, built-in browser (with multiple tabs open), and email (with multiple accounts) running. And with RAM to spare.

The E90 is significntly smaller than its predescessor, the 9500. Yet, it is larger than most mobiles. But for the true road warrior, what the E90 is capable of more than makes up for its size.

No Upgrade Available Yet

I change mobile devices often, especially when I find a more capable device to upgrade to. My job requires that I do so. The operative word is “upgrade”. I am yet to find a device that qualifies as an upgrade to the E90.

Hail the King

Many QWERTY devices have been released since June 2007 when the E90 hit the shelves. Not one of them delivers as well-rounded an experience as the E90 does. And none of them deliver the kind of value for money that the E90 does.

In my informed opinion, there isn’t a better communicator in the market today. The E90 still rules the mobile jungle.

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  1. Well, we have to keep hoping. Rumours are that Nokia is abandoning the communicator form factor. Not good in my opinion. I am a firm believer in the communicator form factor.

  2. I saw this statement on today. It is someone’s signature, and it so encapsulates my opinion of the Nokia E90: The best E90 killer is the E90 itself.

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