Nokia HERE Maps APK leaks, becomes available on all Android devices

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Not too long ago, Nokia announced it was preparing to release an Android version of the HERE Maps, but was only going be made exclusive to Samsung devices. Fortunately for Android users, the APK file has been leaked and is now available not only on Samsung devices but on all Android devices running Android 4.0 and above.

Like all other maps, Nokia HERE Maps has all the necessary navigation system including turn by turn voice navigation which can be particularly helpful when driving. HERE Maps has a unique feature which enables users to download the entire map of a city and in cases were you have no internet connection it can be perfectly used offline.

The date for when it will officially be available on the Play Store is still unknown for now. But you can go ahead and download the beta version of the APK file.


Source: Android Police



  1. It has probably been blocked. When you try to run the application, It says “this version has expired” and closes.

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