Nokia Hosts Bloggers in Lagos

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Nokia played host to key bloggers at the Zen Garden, Isaac John Street, Ikeja yesterday. It was an informal, roundtable meeting at which participants discussed possible points of collaboration between Nokia and bloggers.

Nokia’s Communications Manager, Osagie Ogunbor, was chief host at the lunch event which lasted a couple of hours. There was lots to drink, eat, and sip.

Blogs represented at the event included:

  • Mobility Nigeria
  • Femme Lounge
  • Linda Ikeji
  • Bella Naija
  • Brandwork Nigeria
  • 24/7 Nigeria
  • Supple magazine
  • IT Realms
  • TechnoWorld

Enjoy pictures from the event:

nokia lunch 1

nokia lunch 2

nokia lunch 3

nokia lunch 4

nokia lunch 5


  1. @Dayo,
    I can see you took the Galaxy Tab along, did fit into your shokoto pockets? LOL.

    Any mention of Nokia’s new direction at your gathering?

  2. @brym, lol. The Tab fit perfectly in my Buba, didn’t try the sokoto.

    Yes, there was a mention of Nokia’s new strategic direction. Not much was said about it, except that the details of the understanding between Microsoft and Nokia are being worked out as we speak.

  3. Nice informal talk. Apart from chit chat, any expo or leak from Nokia during that peculiar culinary night?

  4. what did you expect, even the nokia boss is confuse in europeHe is not sure of Nokia’s future.I hear that they are also afraid of each other.
    Am getting angry with these nokia guys.I met one nokia agent in Kaduna’s HMH plaza-akin to computer village in lagos.The guy ended up exposing his ignorance and confusion prevalent with Nokia.he said nokia is doing very well, in terms of profit,because according to him volume and quality.Nonsense,I told him nokia cant monopolise quality,I drew his attention to the revival going on with LG dualsim phones,excellent quality with competitve pricing-acctually went with a buy whom i helped to arrive at purchasing an LG GX500 smartphone for a price that would get nokia more confused.
    any how,wellcome dayo,hoping that you told them the truth

  5. @Afewgoodmen, no leaks at all. The event was more of Nokia appreciating bloggers for giving them coverage and to explore .new areas of collaboration.

    @Jujukemist, we just played around with ideas on how Nokia can work more effectively with bloggers.

  6. this is really good to hear… Nokia is giving nigeria a lot of attention. This is one good reason why smartphone consumers in Nigeria should start thinking of nokia, esp when their WP7 devices starts rolling in.

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