Nokia introduces new 3-digit naming system

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Nokia has changed – and for the beter too – the naming system of their mobile phones. No more silly dichotomy of uses i.e. business versus media. Goodbye N-series; goodbye E-series! See my recent article, Why Can’t a Business Device Have a Superb Camera?

According to the Nokia Conversations blog, here’s how the new system works:

The first number is the relative price/feature point. So a Nokia 900* would be top dog and a Nokia 100* is the most accessible option. The second two numbers gives each device a unique identifier within that point. So we can release 99 phones at the 500 point before we have to recycle any names, for example.

It seems well thought out and is quite useful, considering the range of devices that Nokia produce.

The new naming system took off with the launch of the Nokia 500. The first number indicates that it is a mid-range device, so you have an idea of the price range from the word, Go. Neat.

Full article: What’s in a name? Nokia’s product name conventions

  1. Good development…but I can’t help imagining how easy it would be to turn the convention into a pissing contest.

    Dude A: Hey, I got a Nokia 500
    Dude B: Really? *chuckles* I got a Nokia 900!
    Dude C: In that case I better get me a Nokia 905.

  2. Well, at least we cannow have some method to the madness of the former confusing, convoluted former numbering system…

  3. Good work from nokia. And just as Bankoke said, you can now easily brag about your device by name calling without showing it off.

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