Nokia is giving away a handset every week in August 2010

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Nokia is currently running a promo, the Ovi Touch Campaign contest, in which they are giving away a Nokia handset each week of August.

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You need to have an Ovi account (and just in case you don’t, you are permitted to create one right away), and then you must answer each week’s question.

Interested? Head over to Ovi Touch Campaign page.

If you do win anything, we’ll like to hear about it!


  1. Hi Yomi, speaking of nokia and ovi, I have this very interesting experience to share with regards to ovi services and other mobile browsers.

    I signed up for ovi mail early this year and I could access my ovi mail from opera mini. A couple of months back, I clicked on the link as usual, I was redirected to the ovi store. Trying to check my mail was akin to running in circles. I tried with bolt, no luck either. I decided to check out the app store, I got the response ovi doesnt support opera mini. I didn’t bother myself again.

    Today out of curiousity, I decided to use the inbuilt browser on my Nokia E61, bingo! I could access my email and the app store. Frankly that inbuilt browser is awful and bandwidth hungry so I rarely ever use it. However I’m thinking why would nokia prevent opera mini users from fully accessing ovi services? If they had a web browser that could match Opera mini or Bolt, that may have made some sense. They could just be ticking off mobile users like me who want to access their services but will not go through the tortue of using that inbuilt web browser.

  2. @keweno, i’m also not spared of your plight. Experienced the same problem, reset my password, going round in circles -yahoomail, ovi- all to no avail. I had to create another account with the mail application on my phone. Na dem sabi.

  3. i have one a nokia x6 here i got an email about it lets see if the phone gets delivered or not!!

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