If this scoop by The Register is to be believed, Symbian is finally dead. In brief, Nokia won’t push out 150 million Symbian devices again

Nokia Kills Off Symbian Finally?

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If this scoop by The Register is to be believed, Symbian is finally dead.

In brief, Nokia won’t push out 150 million Symbian devices again as previously announced, and are cancelling all future Symbian devices except one – an N8 successor.

If the N8 successor is a compelling upgrade, I’m game. And then, the curtain closes on Symbian. The register calls it pouring oil on burning Symbian. I call it The end.


  1. This is really gonna be hard for some of us to accept. So we dont have choice now but to go android???

  2. sad news. Though I am an Android fan, I wouldn’t like seeing this happen. I have recommended several symbian phones for many users, especially those concerned about data efficiency. This is going to limit our choices. so sad.

  3. Nope I’ll lend you a Blackberry @eye.bye.kay
    Because a blackberry is data efficient and simply wonderful

  4. I find it very difficult to believe this story ??????
    ?? do hope it’s not true. Nokia can’t survive in the market with WindowsPhone alone so if this is done, they’ll surely be out of business. I’ve always loved symbian and have been patiently waiting for Belle update on my Nokia N8… Was hoping on getting a Carla and Donna device as well cos I see Symbian as the most efficient and effective mobile operating system that suit my needs till date. The Nokia N8 is the first device I’ve used beyond a year and still L??ing and keeping it… Nokia, Where’s the Symbian phone with N9’s Design?

  5. So so sad… i still find it hard to believe.. what heinous crime did symbian commit dat Nokia fefused to forgive… kai kai kai kai.
    For those who have used the Windows phone, is it better than symbian? can nokia survive in the market with the windows platform.. i have never used a windows phone so i need to know.
    i have always prefered the nokia package to bb and i still dont see myself using a bb until probably the blackberry london is released (and not overpriced though)

  6. silly xilly Nokia…does it mean no more ‘carla, donna and the rest of them??? Smh4 nokia fans like me

  7. Editor Mobility Blog, the ‘recent comments’ and ‘related to’ features have gone AWOL…
    Kindly recall them, pls..

  8. Why crying over a spilt milk? The developer of the platform have decided based on their reasons. Life goes on, windows OS is an option if Android is a no go area for symbian fanboys.

  9. As the smartphone wars get keener, m ust be a hard decision for Nokia to dump Symbian but such legendary era deserves a softer landing.

  10. Something tells me that there will be an alternative to Symbian. No phone manufacturer will cut off their nose to spite their face – unless Nokia intends to try its hand at being Apple.

  11. A sad day indeed for all the Smartphone Humanity.

    O Nokia,many didst thou land a death blow on Symbian! O Elop, where is thy Sting?

  12. A sad day indeed for all the Smartphone Humanity.

    O Nokia, Why didst thou land a death blow on Symbian! O Elop, where is thy Sting? Windows phone?

  13. Let’s think about it, is Nokia on Windows 7 platform a better deal than the evergreen Symbian, or is the world’s No phone maker throwing away a good thing? In the last quarter of 2010 when the deal was struck between Nokia and Microsoft, Symbian was clearly the smartphone industry leader, with a market share of 36.6 percent. Nokia was trailed by Android (25.5 percent) and iOS (16.7 percent). By contrast, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 wasn’t even on the list.

    However, in the lineup for 2012, Symbian, the world’s biggest OS, is being wiped off the list, catapaulting Android and iOS into first and second place respectively. Nokia’s gamble on turning a relatively brand-new and unfancied mobile OS into the new market leader in fewer than two years seems rather ambitious. But ambition has always been the forte and essence of the renowned Finnish company, otherwise it would not be No.1! In my candid opinion, the deal seems a good move for both parties. WP7 is a great operating system with untapped potential, and Nokia’s smartphone business clearly needs a boost so the merger might just provide the boost that both need.

    Microsoft could not have chosen a more suitable mobile partner to establish its OS and third-party hardware. Ardent and loyal fans of Nokia loath Android and fancy iOS even less. I’m certain that for Nokia, taking a bold and final depature from Symbian may yet turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I think of it more as a healthy ‘Symbiosis’!

  14. @good u seem to be an advocate for blackberry platform since you got one. I thought u were one a symbian fan. What happened?

  15. @shayman My dear symbian was the past, the glory days but however for me blackberry is perfect now.
    See they have the cheapest data plan in nigeria 1500 for 3gig that is more than enough for the average Nigerian

  16. N1500 for 3GB is Airtel right? Their service is so laggy in my zone that i would rather visit the Library than wait 4 Wikipedia to load……and i hate the Library

  17. @mr mobility
    will the Carla & Donna updates still happen? Am currently undecided getting either an N8 or 701.
    If carla & her gf aint coming i might just prefer the N8.
    Kindly let us now.

  18. Get a grip people
    Symbian’s death was apparent like almost a year ago!
    I’m amazed it took this long!

    Well, apparently Nokia doesn’t have African high end users in mind..windows OS is a no-go for Nigerians

    Iphone waits!! Best mobile OS!

  19. This is very sad.
    Windows phone is not an option presently. I guess our other alternative is Android. That is for those of us who value our freedom, and do not want to be locked down. To make matters worse, windows application store is not even available in Nigeria (is it?).

  20. @Austin, that is a very good question. I don’t think the WP7 market is available for Nigerians yet. We were complaining about the too few apps on their market. Now , we won’t even be able to buy the few apps sef.

  21. It’s easy simplification of an obvious complex marketing environment to suggest that CEO Elop’s bet in jettisoning Symbian in lieu of Windows phone would be a winning formular! As far as I am concerned it is a clear deliberate and long drawn gamble in the continued existence of an entity on wishful thinking of the power of brands! The reality on the ground doesn’t always play to broad and manipulative reasoning and forecasts.

    The world believes in either continuity or a new and novel idea. Windows Phone is new in the game. But it isn’t Novel. You’ll agree with me that when the iphone came out with its “large” multitouch capacitive touchscreen at that time that it was novel. Contrasting this with Windowsphone, it doesn’t bring anything superflous or revolutionary to the stack of Tech events on the ground today. For one, it is late in coming! The only thing going for it is that two large Tech Behemoths have its backing! Despite its two years of existence from announcement, it’s still doing awfully poorly. Even Bada does more units that it! I also believe that if Samsung and Intel get their scripts well, they’ll surpass WP!

    One of the major albatross of Nokia is not stellar devices but delayed execution. You can imagine that the Lumia Windows phone are not yet available in Nigeria! Many Analysts have retorted that the future is a battle of just two OSES; iOS & Android. And that other OS would just complement them. Except a new stuff comes out to disrupt the smartphone world again, things would likely remain this way. A few (like canalys) think that Windows Phone will come to eminence in 2015. But the truth remains that by the time the Lumia phone becomes more readily available with its antiquated single core CPU and crippled Windows 7.5 features (ala iOS), there would be quad-core Beastlike device like the Samsung Galaxy III then for an unhealthy mismatched bloodbath competition. Heck, even, the iPhone 5 would be out at the time. So much for poor roll out of devices!

    Truth is that it is an uncertain world for Nokia and Windows Phone at best. Their continued existence depends on a lot. Problem is that the dynamic world of innovation and Mobile Technology are not waiting for them to get their acts right!

  22. The management of Symbian may cause those of us who is still holding on to the platform some grief if they deal this way and too soon.

    The death of Symbian will come, but should it be this soon?

    Give me Belle on my N8 please.

  23. Symbian died sometime ago. Nokia is privy to info we would never see. If you saw Nokia’s last report, you d notice that they sold over 1 million Lumia 800 and that the quarter was better than that before it thanks to the move to Windows Phone. Nokia is a business. They thrive on being pragmatic not sentimental.

  24. It is complete.
    The Trojan horse injected into Nokia has done its job. The virus forced the host to replicate its genetic code. Now it’s windows phone coming out of Nokia instead of its usual products.

    I saw this coming and I jumped off the burning platform eons ago. Sorry for the Symbian fanboys.

    I am worried for Nokia. I sincerely hope this is not going to be a bad gamble. Personally, I detest WP7 because it has and promotes just the things I want removed from ios.

  25. guys symbian belle updates now available in Nigeria. Just connect via ur nokia suite and download d updates…

  26. @ Kenjnr
    Belle still not available on my N8!

    If your N8 has a valid local warranty, the update is defintely available. Hook up your phone to Nokia Suite.

  27. @Austine
    I’ve gone through every possible means of updating it but there’s still no update available. I updated a friend’s E7 yesternight and I don’t think a valid warranty is needed for the update.

  28. “Nokia to Cut 4,000 Jobs at 3 Factories” – New York Times
    May be one of the reasons for dumping Symbian.

  29. I would try this belle update stuff immediately I get to my office!

    However, methinks Nokia should still save Symbian. Or Harmattan at worst!

  30. I am not implying that a valid warranty is needed for the upgrade. If it has a local warranty, then the product code is for Nigeria, and the update for all N8 with Nigeria product code has been released.

  31. Update for some product codes have not been released.
    I have an N8 (product code: 0599400) that was already running symbian Belle (111.030.0609: Updated through Phoenix). I just re-udated it (re-installed) through Nokia suite.

    If you have Navifirm, you can use it to check if update for your product code is available. If not, you can post the product code I’ll check for you.

  32. It bothers me so much that after waiting this long for this update, it’s not available on my device when finally released! My product code is 059B288

  33. I upgraded a Nokia E7 to belle yesterday and its what am using to write this now.
    just dont understand why people say symbian belle rocks. yes, good browser and other nice changes but cant see what rocks. maybe its because i am from a family of iOS & android.

    All the same, a good improvement for an OS that is destined for the grave.

    R.I.P. Symbian. You saved the best for the last.

  34. It would appear that the Law of Accelerating acceleration is taking its toll on Symbian. http://www.accessnewage.com/beststeps/Beststep.cfm?bs=763

    The faster you approach DEATH, the faster it approaches you!

    Just learnt that LonelyCatGames (makers of Xplorer) are no longer developing / supporting) Symbian apps. Bad news.

    Also a long-term famous Symbian developers (Juriy Bakurnin) has jumped to Android development. That is real talent just jumping to ENEMY camp!

    Anybody got more of those handkerchiefs?

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