Nokia Lumia 720 visits MOBILITY

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A white unit of the Nokia Lumia 720 arrived here at MOBILITY yesterday for a review in our hands. This is the bigger brother too the Lumia 520, which I got fond of very quickly. I like the 720 already too. Very much. It feels light in the hand, fits well into my hands, has good audio and camera, and has a microSD card slot. Like the 520, it runs Windows Phone 8. So far, this lady has performed smoothly.

Expect review and feature articles based on my usage of the Nokia Lumia 720 from day to day. Enjoy a few pictures in the meantime, and keep bookmarked!

Lumia 720 a

Lumia 720 c

Lumia 720 d

All pictures were taken with the 720’s oga at the top, the Lumia 920 – without flash, of course. All were taken indoors without any lighting. Low-light magic!


  1. Definitely sexy. Nokia makes nice phones. Up to Microsoft to up their game and iron things out with the os. Really tired of seeing a dark or white background. I need wallpapers

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