Nokia Lumia 925 hands on: Windows Phone with class

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At the LiveLumia party where the Lumia 625 was unveiled, I also got the opportunity to play with the Nokia Lumia 925 a bit. If you are already aware of the capabilities of the Lumia 920, then the most apt way to describe the 925 is that it is the capabilities and muscles of the 920 in a slimmer, classier case and with some extra functionality. That is the simplest definition of the 925. This is the classiest and most stylish Windows Phone smartphone in existence, says Mister Mo. Have a look:

Nokia Lumia 925 table

Instead of the default polycarbonate signature of the Lumia clan, this gentleman is framed in stylish aluminum with design accents that ooze class all the way. I know that I swore by the gods of mobile that the Nokia N9 was beautiful. It really was. But the Lumia 925 takes refinement to a new level, holding its own beside the HTC One and Apple iPhone in terms of look and feel. Oh, sugar!

Nokia Lumia 925

Like its older brother, the Nokia Lumia 925 has an 8.7 MP camera but with a 6-element camera lens, this snapper looks capable. There is also Optical Image Stabilisation (OIC) with enhanced low-light performance. We gave the lens a quick spin in the indoor party environment of the LiveLumia event, and I was wowed by its clarity.

I checked the Phone’s software and it was running Amber. In hand, the 925 is slim and lightweight. It just feels right, longing to be held and touched and not let go of.

Nokia Lumia 925 hand

What you are looking at here is a 4.5-inch Windows Phone flagship that oozes class and taste. For those who love Windows Phone and enjoy the finer tastes of life, the Nokia Lumia 925 is right up your alley.

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