Nokia maintains marketshare, Samsung, LG inch closer

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Research firms Strategy Analytics and IDC released separate, detailed looks at global mobile phone market share, shipment and growth information covering the third quarter of 2009

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According to the reports, market leader Nokia lost a small margin of marketshare (from 38.6% marketshare in Q3 2008 to 37.8% in Q3 2009), while Samsung increased by as much as 4% (from 17.1% in Q3 2008 to 21.0% in Q3 2009). LG also made a strong showing growing its sales from 7.5% in Q3 to 11.0% in Q3 2009.

Motorola and Sony Ericsson are both still on a downward slide, and we are hoping here at MobilityNigeria that 2010 will bring them better fortunes.

In the meantime, as someone has said, the Koreans are coming!



  1. Most times, in the technology world, it is not really what you know (technological savoir-faire), but rather, how you put together pieces of existing technology to make winning products.

    The second critical factor gun winning and maintaining market share is the marketing hype. And lastly, the pricing.

    I personally pray that the intense competition in the global technology world continues. It will keep everybody (especially the market leaders) on their paws!

    Toyota/Honda, Intel/AMD, Nokia/Samsung/Apple, MicroSoft/Google. The ‘war’ is ubiquitous and in high gear!

    And in the end, it is the consumer that benefits from the cutthroat competition, Great products. Low prices..

  2. The bundling of free navigation with Nokia phone will be like a steroid shot to Usain Bolt; there is no catching them yet. I expect the leadership gulf to widen in the coming months ahead.

    It sad that Sony Ericsson isn’t making enough sales to justify its superbly engineered phones. Its most likely its the result of its unfriendly pricing.

    Nokia and Samsung’s success must be its mass market appeal. They typically churn out huge selection of phones that basically run the same software, same GUI but different form factors. in fact thats what i don’t like about them. No transitions from one Nokia phone to another has excited me as much as Sony Ericsson. I hope maemo will change that.

  3. archie,

    SE is committing huge gaffes so consistently that one wonders what happened to the company we used to know?

    Take a look at the new X2 – outdated hardware (same CPU and RAM as on the X1), and poor touchscreen. With WM6.5 running on it, its so sluggish! Video recording has been poor on SE phones since forever. The X1 was a better device.

    The Android-powered X10 has been coming since forever too, and by the time it arrives, it will probably be outdated too.

    We have stopped holding our breathe for Sony Ericsson.

  4. that’s not surprising as long as you have China, India, Brasil and Nigeria buying some cheap nokia brands.

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