Nokia Maps arrive on S40

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nokiamaps s40SINGAPORE – One feature of the new S40 phones launched today that deserves extra attention is the provision of free Nokia Maps, allowing a much wider range of people to make use of the service, without incurring heavy data charges. This new service offers a significant boost to the capabilities of Series 40 phones, further blurring the lines between smartphones and feature phones. Read on for the details.

Maps will come preinstalled on the Nokia C2-03 and its variants, out-of-the-box, including maps data for the user’s region. The user doesn’t need to download any further data to get started.

Maps for Series 40 doesn’t rely on a GPS device in the phone, either, but rather triangulates the user’s position from cell tower locations. This, together with smart routing software, means that Nokia Maps can still provide turn-by-turn directions for drivers.

Viewing maps and planning routes can be done entirely offline. Online features such as finding your location – or advanced search – can be done with minimum data usage – less than 10KB. If users want to share their location, they can do so for the cost of an affordable SMS message.

Additional maps can be loaded onto a memory card, allowing for the added capability when users go abroad. Nokia Maps are currently available for over 100 countries. In Singapore, for example, there is 100% street coverage and quarter of a million points of interest included.


  1. This is commendable. the line between smartphones and feature phones is now further blurred.

    A friend asked me a question yesterday on what my smartphone can do; a Samsung Android phone/Nokia 5230 against what his Samsung Corby cannot do?

    I had no ready answer. ALthough he was not a Tech Geek but I had a difficult time explaining the difference between a smartphone and a ferature phone!!

  2. This is totally great, now I can actually own a Nokia S40 Device without totally hating myself. But still it’s no Multi-tasking just wish Nokia could come around to putting that too. Can’t wait to read a review of the maps on S40 and see how comparable to that of smartphones with built-in GPS knowing that cellular tower triangulation isn’t comparable to the accuracy of GPS

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