Nokia Messaging: Brief Review

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Nokia Messaging enables s60 users to quickly set up, access, and use their email on their Nokia devices through a service that is optimized for mobile email. The appplication and service allows users to configure up to 10 email accounts, and supports POP3, IMAP. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and enterprise servers.

How It Works
Signup online, and then download the application to your s60 device.
During signup, you will be asked to configure a primary email account, to which you can later add others.

Once configured, Nokia Email serves as a push service, dropping your new mails into your handset automatically.

The interface is a little more polished than the built-in s60 email client. Unfortunately, when installed, Nokia Email runs as a separate application from the built-in client. This I did not like. That means I have to look in two different places for my messages. I would have preferred that it replaces the built-in client.

I had my Gmail and Yahoo accounts setup and running in no time. I also had a work email account setup too. Mails were dropped in for a while. But then came the niggle…
An Extra Step in the Email Retrieval Process
For quite a number of minutes, Nokia Email’s server could not be accessed. I tried administering it on PC and got an error that the server was currently not accessible. For that period, I could not retrieve new mails.

This leads to the very reason why I personally will not use Nokia Messaging: it introduces an extra step in email retrieval. Now, instead of connecting directly to my mail server, I have to depend on a middleman.

This means that I not only have to count on my ISP/mobile network and my mail server to be online, but I also have to count on a 3rd party – the Nokia Messaging server – to be available in order for me to get my mails.

I also have to share my email login details with this 3rd party. In my opinion, it just compounds matters.

I am sure that Nokia Messaging will be found useful by certain sets of people. But call me a pessimist on this one, I’m just not quite thrilled. The built-in email client on my s60 device does a good job enough of notifying me of new critical mails at an interval of 30 minutes. Unless my job suddenly requires me to receive emails per second, I have no use for Nokia Messaging. For now.

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  1. My experience with Nokia Messaging on the 5800 is slightly different. I actually find it more intuitive to use than the built-in email client. The only issue is the issue of it being hosted on its own server. From now on Nokia Messaging is my default email client on my 5800

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