Nokia N9 Versus Samsung Galaxy S II Evening Photo ShootOut

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The Samsung Galaxy S II and Nokia N9 are both modern smartphones toting 8 megapixel autofocus cameras. Both also feature an LED flash.

Well, yesterday evening, I pitted them against one another briefly on the spur of the moment to see how they handled low-light indoor settings.

Both cameras were left on the standard settings as most people would leave them and use them that way – autofocus with flash set to auto.

All comparison shots were taken at same distance and under exactly same lighting.

We took multiple shots of each and have selected the best for publishing.

Here are the results:

The Room

Galaxy S II - Room

Galaxy S II – Room

N9 - Room

N9 – Room

Portrait – Blackberry Boy

Galaxy S II Portrait with BB

Galaxy S II Portrait with BB

N9 Portrait With BB

N9 Portrait With BB

Portrait – Guy Smiley

Galaxy S II - Guy Smiley

Galaxy S II – Guy Smiley

N9 - Guy Smiley

N9 – Guy Smiley

My Thoughts
In my opinion, the LED flash on the Galaxy S II seems quite weak compared to what’s on the N9, and so produces poorer results in an evening (or low-light) scenario like this.

If I have an evening event, I will be sure to carry the N9 along, as I wouldn’t trust the Galaxy S to deliver images that are bright and clear enough.

What are your thoughts? Who knows – its possible that I’ve got my head screwed on wrong.


  1. the led flash on the n9 is more powerful but the gs2gives a more natural output color in my own opinion

  2. From a novice point of view, the N9 only rocked the first photo *ROOM*

    The yellow hue or whateva they call it in the rest of the pictures from the Nokia N9 don’t cut it for me

  3. but the pix of sII seems to look more natural than that of the N9. the N9 shows more colour

  4. Apart from the first picture, the others appear to have been won by the Galaxy S II.

    The output of the GSII is more natural. The N9 has more more colour saturation bit there’s a hue. Noise?

    I give it to the Galaxy S II.

  5. The N9 may show more colour, but the s2 is more real. Then when you try the night mode, its wow

  6. The N9 may show more colour, but the s2 is more real. Then when you try the night mode on s2, its wow

  7. look closer at the last 2 photos. tell me is the wall blue or white. if you say white which most will the n9 wins most natural award as well.

    the only person here who can answer this question is the OP himself. which photos are accurate for colour.

    even the first photos have hints of a tiled counter which is white in n9 photo not s2 where it is blue.

    i believe it is the s2 that is enhancing colours not the n9.

  8. The galaxy S2 produces a more natural color especially of your skin than the n9 which is better for easy identification.

  9. With the photos, the positions are all slightly different, but without a tape measure and impatient photo model, you have to make do 🙂

    Having said that, the N9 seems to over-expose the pictures. What was the real colour of your shirt? Because that orange looking thing that the N9 is selling me is slightly disturbing..

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