Nokia N9 Video Hands-on

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2011 10 08 254
Here’s a short video tour of the Nokia N9. This is a smartphone running MeeGo/Harmattan underneath Nokia’s Swipe UI.

Download: If you’d like to download this, you can do that via this link from

What do you think of it? Any questions about anything in the video? I’ve still got my written reviews coming up, but this should be a good platform to take and answer questions.


  1. Iam so impressed with hands-on,infact it is even sweeter with Back street Boys under ground.But tell me ,how smooth is d pinch zooming and d NFC connection?However,i will like u to compare wp7 and meeGo and tell us how far.

  2. looks decent…. just that i wonder if nokia is going to offer sufficient support for it since the company is hell bent on re-establishing itself as a windowsphone 7 OEM

  3. Chinedu, be rest assured, nokia is not moving away from its own symbian n meego oses. They ? here to enjoy!

  4. Yomi, Nice video review. However I’d have preferred a commentary as you tap into the UI, To give us some perspective on the task you wish to accomplish. Like “Sending an email” “Making a call” “watching video” “closing an app” “multi-tasking” “Navigation” etc

    Just saying. By the way, what camera did you use to video the review? The N8?

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