Mike Evans at MobileMentalism got his hands on a pre-release unit of the Maemo-powered tablet phone, the Nokia N900, and comes off with the verdict


Nokia N900 – Best Smartphone Ever by Nokia?

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Mike Evans at MobileMentalism got his hands on a pre-release unit of the Maemo-powered tablet phone, the Nokia N900, and comes off with the verdict that the N900 is the best Nokia smartphone yet.


Nokia-N900Maemo is a Linux-based mobile operating system that Nokia is now pushing alongside their popular trademark Symbian OS for smartphones.

Mike also narrates how it seems that Nokia has put itself in a tough spot by producing a niche product that beats their official flagship hands-down. His summary:


Nokia’s best attempt at a touchscreen smartphone yet, and better than the N97 by a country mile!

The N900 has an expected release date of October 2009. That’s this month! I am already interested, as I have found Symbian not quite up my alley of recent. Yet, I am an avid Nokia fan. Perhaps Maemo is just what the doctor ordered and I’ll find myself using a Nokia smartphone as my primary mobile device soon.

Here’s a checklist of the N900’s features:

  • Maemo 5 operating system
  • 600MHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor + Graphics Acceleration
  • 32GB internal storage
  • 5 megapixel camera + Carl Zeiss optics + Dual LED Flash
  • Video recording: WVGA (848 x 480)@25fps + video light
  • 800 x 480 display, TFT resistive touchscreen, 800 x 480 pixels, 3.5 inches
  • A-GPS + Ovi Maps
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth + Infrared
  • 3-row QWERTY keyboard
  • Proximity sensor for auto turn-off + Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate
  • Web browser with built-in support for Adobe Flash 9.4
  • TV-Out
  • Media player supporting the following formats and codecs: mp4, .avi, .wmv, .3gp, H.264, MPEG-4, Xvid, WMV, H.263
  • Music formats supported include .wav, .mp3, .AAC, .eAAC, .wma, .m4a
  • FM Radio

Read Mike’s hands-on.

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  2. I have always commend nokia’s courage and brave attempts in everything they do.I mean, they are not always afraid to take risk, but their risks are often a calculated risk.Imagine venturing into a new Operating system (maemo 5) ,entering into Notebook market with nokia booklet 3G,creating variety of touch screen phones including ones with new series, like the Xseries e.g X3 ,X6 and many more to come out soon.Infact,nokia has taken a bold step.I ve already signed a news letter for the release date of the N900, i just pray it should come easy………(?)

  3. We still have to thank the competition (apple, RIM, Android, Palm,..) for pushing Nokia in this direction otherwise Nokia would still be repackaging dated devices in N and E series range.

  4. Over at My-Symbian, Michal Jerz has also had a spin with the N900.

    His preview is really detailed. To whet your appetite, here is an excerpt from the preview:

    Even now, at the previewed unit’s early development stage, the N900 truly impressed me with its FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE, STABILITY (it was really ROCK STABLE, take my word), BEAUTIFUL and ADVANCED user interface, very high quality and full integration of TELEPHONY and INTERNET CONNECTIVITY, fast and powerful web browser, great support for VoIP (especially Skype), high quality camera and video recording and, actually, ALMOST EVERYTHING ELSE. I don’t remember being that excited with any mobile device since the first Nokia Communicators and UIQ 2 phones.

    Head over to My-Symbian for his Nokia N900 / Maemo 5 preview.

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