The Nokia N900, a Linux-powered internet tablet/smartphone, is already shipping. This device is looking to be what the N97 pretends to be – Nokia’s true


Nokia N900 now shipping

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The Nokia N900, a Linux-powered internet tablet/smartphone, is already shipping. This device is looking to be what the N97 pretends to be – Nokia’s true flagship smartphone.


n900With a huge glorious 3.5-inch display, full QWERTY keyboard, 32 GB internal storage, 5 MP Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Dual LED flash camera, and full web browser, all running on an ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz processor, its no wonder that I am getting some measure of techno-lust. Forgive me, Lord.

If you spot the N900 on sale anywhere in Nigeria soon, please sound the alarm here; will you?

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  2. I watched a video of the demo of this monster @ a friend’s. Awesome!

    I think it is time for laptop and netbook manufacturers to rethink their strategies!

    The line between a laptop and a phone like the N900 is about to be obliterated. Permanently.

    The import of a device like this is the same we had when the mainframes were edged out by minicomputers some decades back..

    Dell, HP, Acer and other PC/laptop manufacturers better take note. IBM of yore was slow to catch the new wave then, and lost their dominant position…

  3. This device and the nokia e72 will be my weapons of choice (money permitting) come 2010. The e72 will replace my aging Nokia n73 as a device to run a couple of can’t-do-without Palm apps via StyleTAP Palm emulator.

    The speculation is that Garnet VM, the StyleTAP equivalent for previous Maemo devices, wont run on the N900. With the n900, my pc will suffer even bigger neglect than is currently the case with my n73.

    Yomi, you live in Lagos, and you have an ear to the ground tech news wise; I’m sure news of first sighting of the N900 on Nigerian soil will come from you! I’m posting from Sapele, by the way.

    Hey, have you ever tried the Lekki Nokia Store? How good is it in keeping up with current Nokia offerings?

  4. Igho,

    The Nokia Store at Lekki keeps up fairly well, depending on Nokia Global’s schedule of distribution, of course. I only step there on excursion whenever I have anything to do at Shoprite.

    The prices of items sold there are however much higher than what obtains on the open market though.

  5. Certainly,nokia N900 could be a credible alternative.It is indeed a great phone. Though, may still not be there yet, cos it is the first maemo5 phone to be released, so it may be out to test the waters but could be turn terrific if nokia listens to its users not just the geeks and ironed out the rough edges that may be present in maemo5 on the next upgrade to maemo 6, like provide a capacitive touchscreen ,sort out Ovi store mess and enable multitouch capabilities for it.

    The good thing i like about N900 is that its maemo5 can be upgraded via OTA to maemo 6 when released. Although it is a great phone but it has come to meet other great phones like the raving apple iphone 3Gs,S.E satio,Xperia x2, x10,Dell 3ix,and motorola droid which is already making waves since its release in US last two weeks, giving apple a real fight.

    However, my resolve for nokia N900 is still intact cos i know what nokia can distinctively do to its highly researched phone. So thumb up nokia, till we have your result on our palms.We just pray is not pricey.

  6. On second thoughts, I am no longer quite so eager to get the N900.

    Reading through some of the early reviews, it seems that the ability to edit office documents does not come built-in. N900 owners have to upgrade the built-in office application for a fee in order to be able to edit.

    I just hate the idea that I am paying for a premium device (sorry, Abubakar; this is a pricey one) and still have to pay extra for something as basic as documents editing. Even the venerable Nokia E90 has documents editing built-in.

    It just doesn’t make sense to me. But, we’ll see how it goes when the N900 arrives here. Techno-lust may just over-ride my sentiments.

  7. i have two questions to ask:

    1. if this n900 is linux based, will the PC suite be on linux platform? cos I’m seriosly waitly for nokia pc suite to come on linux board

    2. pls anybody with good info on when e72 will enter naija?


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  8. I’ll like to know where to get the N900 whenever it gets to Nigeria. Please get in touch. Sound desirable from comments read!

  9. I’ll like to know where to get the N900 whenever in Nigeria. Please get in touch. I will be waiting..and how much it the cost prize

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