I just got my hands on a HTC Touch Pro2, a device that is very much like the Nokia N900. Of course, the logical thing

Nokia N900 versus HTC Touch Pro2

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I just got my hands on a HTC Touch Pro2, a device that is very much like the Nokia N900. Of course, the logical thing was to do a face-off between the two mobile computers.

n900 tp2

Feature N900 Touch Pro2
Platform Maemo 1.2 Windows mobile 6.5
Dimensions 110×59.8x18mm 116x59x17mm
Weight 181 gm 179 gm
Display 3.5″ resistive, 800 x 480 pixels 3.6″ resistive, 480 x 800 pixels
Camera 5mp, Dual LED light, autofocus 3.2mp
Web Browser MicroB Opera Mobile 9.5
CPU 600 MHz 528 MHz
Internal Disk 32GB 300MB
RAM 256 MB 288 MB
Office Editing X Full Editing Suite
QWERTY Keyboard 3-row 5-row
Battery 1320 mAh 1500 mAh

Right off the bat –

  1. N900 has the better camera
  2. N900 has better built-in web browser – MicroB (also has the best 3rd party browser – Firefox Mobile)
  3. N900 has better internal memory – 32GB
  4. N900 has a 3.5mm audio jack
  5. N900 has more vibrant display

On the other hand –

  1. TP2 has the better keyboard
  2. TP2 has the better battery life
  3. TP2 has better and louder stereo speakers
  4. TP2 has built-in full Office editing suite
  5. TP2 has a slightly larger display
  6. TP2 is slightly more compact and lighter

Your Choice?
If you were presented with an opportunity to own either of the devices, looking at the table and summary of advantages above, which of them will be your choice?


  1. N900 will be my choice. The only reason I was swayed towards tp2, was it has a bigger ram but not much bigger. Some form factor also. The 3.5 jack is another plus for N900. The mem is not a prob or relevant, guess due to mem cards. I’m not really moved my the battery. Cam is a hugh plus for N900. And the clincher is I hate windows mobile. Just a personal thing.

  2. I will go for the tp2, for one i am not a nokia user so really dont have much info on the nokia experience. I have also used a tp2 and still keep one just for the sake. I like the fact that it has the office suite installed, not a fan of the camera, since it has no flash, but the tp2 in my opinion performs better that the hd2, i know this is comparing it to the n900 just wanted to bring out a point. The keyboard on the tp2 is out of this world. The speaker is also awesome and loud. I also like that I can store apps to the memory card as well.

  3. time was, when i used to argue that a laptop is a laptop, just the way a car is a car – at the fundamental level.

    well, in an increasingly more connected world, it is becoming increasingly non-critical (@ thehighend level of phones – superphones) what device we use.

    ordinarily, the OS on which a device runs would be my most compelling factor in making a choice. not because of the interface/user experience – but because of the variety/ diversity of software available on that platform.
    afterall, what is the use of a Formula 1 supercar without adequate fuel to motivate it?

    however. nowadays, most mobile applications have fair equivalents on the web.
    hence, the reduced
    importance of application diversity.

    the remaining, relevant factors in making a choice – for – would then be battery life and screen size. and the competence of the onboard browser / support for a superb thirdparty browser.

    which would i pick?

    i think i will hang my hat with the Nokia….

  4. What i like about the TP2 is the keyboard and the full editing suite.
    And for the records i like everything about the N900 for now.

    If I am to get it for free I would choose the TP2 but if am to pay i will certainly go for the N900.

  5. Igoma,

    The price has dropped already. It was over N90, 000 a few weeks ago, but is now just N80,000 in the Mobility Nigeria phone store. How far down were you expecting it to drop?

  6. ahhh….definitely n900…its nokia, more space, better camera…i can do without a ‘better sound quality” from tp2….so again its the N900 WHICH BY D WAY IS A SUPER COOL FONE…except for the battery and occassional seizures…

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