I have used several Windows Phone smartphones over the last two years, and I have reviewed at least one running Windows Phone 8. My verdict

Nokia Needs Another Smartphone OS Besides Windows Phone

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Lumia 920

I have used several Windows Phone smartphones over the last two years, and I have reviewed at least one running Windows Phone 8. My verdict on Windows Phone lines up with that of Ifeanyi (Spacyzuma) who happens to own a Lumia 920:

WP8 is just not mature enough

Like him, whenever I carry a Windows Phone smartphone as my primary device, I tend to want to have another device e.g. Symbian, BlackBerry or Android, with me to make up for its deficiencies. Yes; Windows Phone is that deficient for now.

Why Should Nokia Invest In Another OS?

It is my opinion that Nokia needs – desperately needs – to adopt a second platform to run parallel with Windows Phone in order to retain many of its traditional user base who will find Windows Phone just as deficient in features as I have. Of course, many people out there will find Windows Phone just fine, as many find iOS so. As far as I can see, Windows Phone still belongs in the restricted camp that iOS occupies, despite the additional improvements that came with version 8. It is lovely to use, very addictive, but is still quite limiting.

Nokia’s traditional fanbase are aliens to those kinds of limitations and will simply look elsewhere if Nokia does not embrace an alternative OS that offers those users the sort of versatility that they are used to.

Not Android Please!

As much as I root for an alternative smartphone platform for Nokia, I cannot recommend that they go with Android. Everywhere I turn, I run into Android. It has the same effect as walking from store to store and seeing only bread on the racks. Choking. Frustrating.

I root for options and alternatives. Nokia picking up Android will only further reinforce the smartphone market becoming a monolith. Perhaps Nokia can take a look at SailFish, an evolution of their own homegrown Maemo/MeeGo. That would be a logical route. Could Nokia consider licensing BlackBerry 10? Nokia and BlackBerry might just make a nice team. Who knows? Then, of course, there are Ubuntu and FireFox. Tizen is out of the question, if you ask me. Samsung has its hands too deep in that for Nokia to consider it as an option.

Perhaps Nokia is already pursuing this option of a second smartphone platform. There have been mentions of a new line of Nokia smartphones codenamed “Eos” to run alongside the “Lumia” range. Those reports have hinted that Eos is also a line of Wuindows Phone devices. What if – just what if – the rumoured Eos range will not be running Windows Phone but an alternative OS? Don’t ask me about Eos. I don’t know anything else beside what has been stated here. Eos might also just be a codename and won’t be the official brand when launched.

How it will play out eventually? I have absolutely no idea. I do know that Windows Phone 8 is not cutting it for me and the huge crowds of Nokia fans out there. If Nokia wants to keep us, they need to budge.


  1. GBAM!!!

    How I wish Nokia had continued developing MeeGo! It had so much potential, and would have really rivaled iOS and Android by now. 🙁

    I believe it’s too late for Nokia to continue with MeeGo. But perhaps, they could license Sailfish OS. Between BB10 and Ubuntu, I would prefer the former being licensed by Nokia.

    Of course, all this will NEVER happen as long as ‘Evil Elop’ is in charge. :'(

    P.S. – I use the Lumia 920. 🙂

  2. How it will play out eventually? I have absolutely no idea. I do know that Windows Phone 8 is not cutting it for me and the huge crowds of Nokia fans out there. If Nokia wants to keep us, they need to budge.

    The target is North America, then Europe and South Asia before the Third World countries. Just manage Windows Phone or go the route of BB10 for now. If Nokia should pursue another platform now, they may not give Windows Phone all the attention needed to make it stand as the solid third platform to rival iOS and Android. Besides, with all those sales of some of their arms last year, I don’t think Nokia still have the resources: human and otherwise to cope with two huge demanding projects like this.

    I think Nokia should concentrate on Windows Phone for now and help it stand by also adding those little deficiencies on Windows Phone before engaging in another project that could create confusion among their staff and fans as well.

    Call me a virus from the Android camp if you like.

  3. Mr Mo, that is just a wish i doubt will come to pass. Nokia already has Asha phones for third world countries like us here. I highly doubt if nokia will ever make or support any new mobile OS, they just don’t have the resources, besides weather you accept it or not, nokia has sold it soul to Microsoft. You just have to keep using windows phone or switch to Asha or find another phone brand. Like you said with BB 10, you cant eat your cake and have it.

  4. Tivta took the words out if my mouth. Right now the Nokia options are Windows Phone or Asha. Of you’re looking for a third from them, tough luck, not happening in a hurry. They needed Microsoft to keep afloat, even if it meant giving up their identity.

    And they can’t use Eos, unless they have made an agreement with Canon. That would be another iPad right there.

  5. The WSJ reports that an Ubuntu Phone OS phone is set to launch in October at two major geographic zones (probably India and China). Here’s hoping that OEM is Nokia. Slim chance of that though.

  6. On the subject of Asha, things are not looking good. Android smartphones are already encroaching Asha territory. While still selling strong now, it is only a matter of time before people embrace the superior functionality of entry-level droids over what Asha offers.

    At the moment, there are already sub-N10,000 Android smartphones in the market. Which way, Asha?

  7. Its like me and Mr Mo think alike NOKIA is loosing It, like AM A BIG NOKIA FAN BOY but all those limitations in WP8 pushes me to android N BB nokia shd go for sailfish but one thing againg apps when and who will risk making apps for a developing OS.this might never happen but it might make sense NOKIABERRY like mr mo said, BB shd just stop making hardware and let nokia make it.no limitations and android apps are being ported.

  8. Nicely written, boss. And methinks Spacyzuma uses a Limits 920.

    I agree with the soul of this article. But I differ somewhat when you say Nokia shouldn’t adopt Android. This is not about what you want. But what’s best for Nokia.

    Android is the best thing that has happened to mobile since iOS came. There isn’t anything bad in having another taste of the cake. Cup cakes, butter cakes, key lime wire, Froyo, jellybean, anything. The more the merrier. And other flavors too: like touchwiz, sense ui, Symbian UI for Android? Me love the sound of that already. Nokia can adopt Android, fork it like Amazon, or differentiate like Samsung or HTC..

    Anyways, Android is the way, imho

  9. This is not about what you want. But what’s best for Nokia.

    And I say, This is not about what’s best for Nokia, but what’s best for the whole industry 🙂

  10. @ Mister Mo

    And likewise, what’s best for the whole Industry, may still not be best for Nokia..

  11. I think Afewgoodmen has a point here. Like I said before, Nokia adopting another unproven smartphone platform will be a difficult one. Adopting Android will certainly be their best option if we want to put aside our individual whimsical tendencies and put Nokia first. There are a good number of Nokia fans that have shifted to other Android OEMs because Nokia do not produce Android phones and may be be won back if Nokia should adopt Android.

    As Mr. Mo said, that will not be the best for the industry, but I don’t think dropping Symbian is the best for the industry either but it seems to be the best option for Nokia then according to the thinking of Elop.

  12. Nokia, how the mighty fall and struggles to pick up.

    I just pity Nokia and wonder why their shareholders are silent.

    One day I was thinking of getting a samsung phone to upgrade too and my PureView slipped and fell on a concrete floor, I immediately postponed the thought. A lady in my office with a cracked SGSIII screen said her phone fell on the same floor twice and she can’t repair it again because it cost 50k

    As much as i love Samsung Android phone, i wish Nokia makes Android phones.

    Nokia should have upgraded Symbian like BB did with their OS

  13. I think Nokia should really consider going with another OS besides the windows phone, maybe they can just add multitasking to the Asha devices, or they could just sweep off the dust from their maemo project, (the n900 and n9 were capable devices imo). Or just merge the new Asha full OS with maemo and strap in QT and an android compatibility layer (like BlackBerry is doing now).

    If they think these options are too much the sailfish OS is still available to them, Ubuntu and Firefox would never work out for them.

    And just in case Nokia doesn’t know this already Asha full touch is nowhere comparable to the Low price droids. No multitasking and the rest.

  14. Nokia needed Microsoft to survive, up until now we don’t know the level of indebtedness between Nokia and Microsoft.

    Until the day Nokia becomes solvent (which is in the far away future), or someone buys Microsoft out of their relationship with Nokia to the point where Nokia can be an independent entity once more, only then we can have this conversation.

    Until that day comes, just keep hugging your Nokia phones closer and keep dreaming and hoping.

  15. Microsoft Windows Phone needed Nokia to survive, Nokia would have done brilliantly well with Android.

  16. Unless if nokia was destined to die soon the only option for its survival is adopting an alternative OS,and certainly the best OS to go for is the Sailfish os being the progressive child of the nokia’s maemo/meeGo OS.The nokia wealth of experience on the new os will make it easy for them to retain or win their lost customers back.We ‘ve all seen the buzz around meeGo N9 and the subsequent craze on jolla mobile lauch which was undoubted& directly related to maemo/meeGo impressions.Imagine what it would have been if N900 were to have had official harmatan upgrades or N9 to have had an official sailfish upgrades with an aboundant QT ported apps as we have been seeing in BB10 lately.Nokia wouldn’t do well with android given the os alredy pure water commonness now.We need a new kid on the block with more ‘wow factor’.Alas nokia is deluded trying hard to invest more on WP with the strategy of bringing 808 pureView onto its next lines but it will not work. Because as good as wp is,it is never appealing to majority of nokia fans,but meego is appealing and so its protogene (sailfish).

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